Article in the Times

Article in the Times

Hi Everyone,

Thought you might like to see the whole article. He has quoted Lyn very well and has used all the info that she gave him. He has told Lyn that he's going to continue pushing.

Let's hope that something gets changed although we don't suppose it will be soon....

Link to the online version - just in case anyone subscribes!


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  • Many, many thanks to Airmed for her part in this!

    Just one thing...

    was 16p a tablet, but has since risen after dropping the brand name Cytomel

    Surely that should be Tertroxin?

  • Hear hear! Thanks Airmed



  • Well done Airmed and well said lynmynott

    Re T3 being "incredibly difficult to manufacture" diogenes commented in

    "...For your information, T3 is hardly any more difficult to make than T4, which poor excuse the sellers try to make for the high price. If so, how can T3 elsewhere be purchased so much more cheaply. I hope the powers that be think again and conduct procurement in a less amateur fashion."

  • Why do they tell lies? Luckily we have true professionals like Diogenes.

  • Only posted by me cos Lyn couldn't get the pic to post! :D x

  • This is alarming! I've been taking T3 for years, and I'm incredibly lucky in having been able to get it prescribed. I suppose now they'll stop doing that. This is going to lead to many, many people obtaining online and I think I need to start looking.

    It is worth the money to maintain my health - I'll have to go without something else.

    There's plenty out there if you Google all the names of the drug, and many of them are Cytomel from body building stores. Needs some careful searching and careful monitoring.

    Any comments from experienced web buyers would be very welcome?

    What a complete shambles! Good luck to everyone trying to survive this horrible condition.

  • Sibelius,

    Your GP will contact you if your CCG discontinues your prescription. No need to panic buy until then :)

  • I know, you're right. But this stuff is so life-changing I feel I need to have a Plan B!

  • If they would make liothyronine or levothyroxine non-prescription might be a good idea.

  • I'm also prescribed T3 by a very Pro T3 Endo. My GP knows nothing about T3, and was honest enough to say this but was happy to prescribe as long as I remained under the care of my Endo (which I am).

    I have to say I am so scared that one day I'll be told I can no longer have this drug I need, all because someone wants to make more money for themselves. I honestly don't know how these people can sleep at night.

    I have no thyroid, and struggled for the first year or so on just Levothyroxine. Since introducing T3 I have changed so much. I can now loose the weight I piled on after the op. I have lots more energy during the day, sleep better at night and most importantly my mental health is a lot better than it used to be. I was a very anxious, depressed and paranoid shadow of myself, without T3 I honestly believe I could be dead.

  • Perhaps I could have your story ChyelleBelleX in case another journalist needs a case study.

  • You most defintley can Lyn. Shall I send an email with more detail?

  • Yes please! I need to know, as well, if you give consent to your name i.e. full name, first name only, to be used and whether you are willing for a photo to be used, either one of your own or to be photographed by a journalist. Thanks!

  • Sure, no problem. I will send something over to you shortly. Thank you :-)

  • Hi Lyn, I have emailed Louise with my story. It was something I had written up a little while back for my endo. I hope its sufficient. I'm happy for my name to be used, and a photo, however they like. Thanks x

  • Thanks ever so much for sharing this!

  • Thank goodness the press have taken this on.

    Fingers crossed this makes the NHS pull it's head out of the sand.

  • Well done, Billy Kenber, for taking this up.

  • Please, everyone share this on Twitter and FB if you can. This scandal needs to be publicised so people can see what we are up against.

  • Brilliant. Thank you for this article, I have sent a PDF copy to my MP. I've also sent a copy of the article in The Times on Friday 3 June about the rising cost of NHS drugs. Let's hope the information will now get to the right people to make the changes we so badly need.

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