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Thyroxine Leaving System

Hi everyone,

Having been off of block and replace for 10 days now I was wondering how long it might take for thyroxine to leave the system.

I think I might be correct in saying that Carbimazole will now have left my system.

I had a strange first week off of medication but I think I can put a lot of that down to anxiety.

One thing that's still bothering me is the increased heart rate from the thyroxine, I am focusing on it a bit more because I suppose I am looking out for every little thing, but I'm quite keen for it to go away!

How long does it take for the effects of thyroxine to leave the system?

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It takes up to 8 weeks to completely clear your system of Levothyroxine. The amount in your system halves every week after you stopped taking it so there will be little usable thyroxine in your system after 4 weeks.


Thank you Clutter!


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