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Hi folks,

I am due major dental work next week. This will be part 3 of 4 visits, Thank God.

Last Nov I had a very bad reaction to the injections in my arm and Nitrous Oxide.

I read sometime ago about requesting non adrenaline injections.

Can anyone enlighten me please.

Many thanks

J x

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  • Hi Jose, sorry you need dental work, ugh. When they mentioned adrenaline it is often added to novacaine to make it work faster so you don't have to wait. So this is the injection that is put in your gum by the tooth being drilled. I think they can still use the slow acting novacaine without adrenaline if you ask. I wouldn't take the gas either.

  • Thanks for your reply Heloise,

    I'm not looking forward to it at all. Must do is a great master and this time next week it will be all over.

    They know that I can't take the gas as it inactivates Vit B12.

    Hope you're well,

    J x

  • Good wishes your way, Jose. I think they just recommend administering B12 afterward when that occurs but I'm not sure of the details. I'm able to function pretty well these days, thank you.

  • Hi. Not sure if I am answering what you need to know but 2 weeks ago my dentist gave me local anaesthetic with adrenalin. I noticed quickly that my heart was racing, I was clammy and my muscles were shaking badly. I know I unnerved my dentist and he has told me 'No more adrenalin' - apparently there are plenty of alternatives. I went on to feel very ill for the next few days which my dentist doesn't yet know about.

  • Hi Clareb67,

    I'm sorry that you had that reaction, I'm sure it frightened you and him. The only good thing is that you are now aware that you can't take injections with adrenaline.

    Thanks for your reply

    J x

  • hi, I also had dental work and the dentist gave me 3 injections. I didn't even think of anything like what was in the injections, I just had to have them because of the nerve pain. I was so ill after. I walked back to the car and didn't know how I could even drive home. I felt sick, dizzy and heart was racing. I was ill for 3 days after. Of course thanks to this site I know that it was the adrenaline, but I learnt the hard way.

  • Hi Jose - please, in future, ask/tell your dentist or anyone else who is likely to administer pain killing injections that those containing adrenaline MUST NOT be used in people taking thyroid medication. It causes the heart to race dangerously and can cause heart attack. It is completely inadvisable. Your dentist should have a list of your mediation(s) and should be aware of the dangers inherent in the use of anaesthetics. Having said this, my own GP and many others are unaware of these dangers and quite a lot of dentists, too, I imagine. Therefore, forewarned is forearmed, TELL the dentist yourself that adrenaline MUST not be used on you.

    As siomeone who is also awaiting massive dental work I sympathise with you. Good luck.

  • I had a similar bad reaction to a local anaesthetic containing adrenaline years ago and my dentist has a large note on my records to ensure I now have them without. The one he usually uses is called citanest. It works just as well and without any problems. I was also very nervous as a result of the reaction years ago and spoke to my GP. She agreed to prescribe diazepam 5mg tablets to help when I had dental treatment. She gives me 5 on request every couple of years and I take one 2 hours prior to treatment.

    Hope that helps.

  • I have to use local without adrenaline because all the adrenaline containing ones also contain sulphite preservatives and I'm hypersensitive to these. The disadvantage of the ones without adrenaline is that they are moved away from the tooth more quickly by your body so you usually need more and the dentist has to work quicker and be aware that you can suddenly start to feel pain. The dentist should be used to using them as patients on warfarin and other medical conditions also need these locals, sometimes the practice has to order them in specially for you and you need to always check just in case!! Nitrous oxide will deplete your B12 so if you have it do make sure you supplement B12 afterwards I have not used it but one of my sons had it at the local hospital and it was helpful.

  • Wishing you well and sorry not to be able to help with the injections, Jose, I had my choppers sorted B4 I knew I had a problem with my thyroid. My dentist just told me to 'zone out' and I did. Bon voyage x

  • Thank you all kindly for your replies,

    I will keep you, my friends updated.

    J xx

  • I used to have terrible reactions to local anaesthetic containing adrenaline. I would have palpitations nausea and feel really weak for hours after the anaestheticwore off. I just informed my dentist. Now I get non adrenaline anaesthetic and no problems occur at all.

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