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FNA feeling anxious 😟

Hi I have a fna on Monday and I'm scared 😢 Two weeks ago I had an ultrasound on my thyroid after my endo felt a lump on my neck and now he has referred me for a fna. I also have two lumps on the back of my neck.

Im not worried about the having the fna, its the waiting to find out the results, I don't know how I'm going to carry on as normal as possible. Hopefully they don't take too long and weather good or bad at least I know what I will be dealing with.

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The "at least I know what I will be dealing with" is a positive outlook so don't worry (the worry itself brings bad health).

Hope your scan will reassure you. Keep having positive thoughts.

Good luck!


When I find myself faced with something that may cause worry or stress, I think of it this way:

"Worry when you are given something to actually worry about."

I have found this way of thinking very helpful in keeping myself positive and has allowed me to get through many stressful times.

The fna results shouldn't take too long - I got mine within a week (my nodules were benign - I hope yours are as well!).

Stay positive and good luck!


Do what I do when faced with something I don't like or I'm frightened with and that's change as many things into a positive! Well they do say a problem shared is a problem halved and you have already done that so well done on first step. This illness leaves us in a sea of uncertainty so we feel isolated as not many of us have someone to talk to who understands but we know how to find one or many! It's good to talk. I had one many years ago and the girl doing mine went for a second opinion. My heart turned somersaults but apparently I have a very grabulsr thyroid and the throw away come t was I expect you find it difficult to control so that was a welcome comment and heart settled down but the waiting I can also feel with you there. I get white coat syndrome so just picking up a repeat prescription in nerves me! I had s huge cyst as it turned out. He showed me the amount of fluid taken out as said it was a lot. In my nervous state I said I'm hoping it weighs a couple of stone! I then kept reminding my myself it was now out and I could swallow better do enjoyed eating for a change so still positive. I then was confronted at my next appointed by a room full of students who were invited to feel my neck. It was a cyst and it never came back and everyday till I got the results I was grateful that I was being checked out and thematic if it was t good news then hey I had taken the first step and was getting it sorted which was very important if the news wasn't good. Plus I'd never really had my thyroid looked at before so that was good as well. I'd seen this piece of grabulsr cells on a screen which was interesting and they had been very good at getting me to relax so I felt safe and that they would do the right thing. I had to laugh though, I was stripped to the waist and gowned for the scan but the actual procedure I was kying on the couch minus outdoor thinks and the neck cleansed and then the needle went in. At the end I was asked to press onto where the incision was! He had no idea where that finger had been! It was clean etc but I thought it funny that u was gowned for a scan but the actual think was so basic! So it end on a positive note. You will be fine and at least if you don't get a good result then the treatment has already begun and they will take good care of you. That first step is always the most difficult. You have already taken that and are into the next. Pro active is good so let us know how you get on. We are with you step by step.


Hi just thought I would update, had my fna on monday wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. Didn't hurt at all just a very strange draining feeing from my ear to thyroid.

Will be seeing my endo on 28th June so will get my results then.


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