Rheumatology and hypothyroidism

Rheumatoid and hypothyroid

To begin with I changed from Levo to NDT 7 weeks ago , my problem now is I've just been diagnosed with A rheumatology arthritis , early arthritis clinic as advised me to take Methotrrate and carboroxquinne, just how's this going to work with my NDT and vitamins plus they've advised not to take my 5mg folic acid on the day I take the Methotrrate . But I I don't take folic acid I take my own folate and Methlyfolate 2 problems little confusing any help would be really appreciated. They won't listen and basically have just said if I don't take these drugs I will end up disabled

Thanks in advance

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  • Sorry I mean hyroroxoquinne

  • Hydroxquinne

  • I presume you mean Sero Positive Rheumatoid Arthritis

    I thought these days they prescribed less toxic and more modern drugs than those two

    Contact one of the arthritis charities i am sure they will know

  • I've tested positive the consultant said there going back to the old way of treating it. Hmmm I'm so unsure now

  • Methotrexate and hydrochloxichloriquine standard drugs for rheumatoid arthritis with folic acid on the days you don't take the methotrexate give it a go you will need blood tested every four weeks

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