Problems finding t3

Hi I'm new here and am loving the support and finding so many with similar problems not that it's good that people are having problems,but nice to not feel alone in the struggles we thyroid sufferers endure.anyway I've hypothyroid for 5 years now and have been self medicating for 18month.ive settled very well on T3 and a small amount of t4. Getting to the point has anyone else found difficulties is getting hold of t3?

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  • Welcome to the forum, Missnipps.

    Which brand are you trying to get hold of?

  • Preferably Tiromel by abi Imbram is what I had before and it suited me fine but am wiilling to try another brand.

  • Hi Missnippss. I am using Uni Pharma and I'm very happy with it (so far lost 30 lbs on it). Sent you PM.

  • Wow that's amazing how long has it taken for the weight to come off? Thanks for the info I'll check them out.

  • It took slightly less than 4 months, but I haven't changed my diet so it means that my organism desperately needed T3 :) I hope my weight will continue to drop off, I was seriously overweight due to hypothyroidism, as I never ate much.

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