dr chris steele and lyme

did you know that dr chris steele was on This Morning ITV with john Caudwell talking about Lyme disease and I have a magazine called Qwerkity. Qwerkity.com and I notice at the back they are selling.. tick removers, ultrasonic tick repellers, tick test kit so you can test the tick for borrellia, and a small article on lyme disease and the symptoms. on john caudwells site it says that lyme causes the NHS more than £18,000 a year a patient so no wonder they do not want to know about it.

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  • Hi bluepettals2

    I don't know much about Lyme disease but I did see the fella who owned Phones 4 U talking about it on 'this morning' a few weeks ago & how severely it has effected his son who's bedridden, I think he also said that the whole family were tested & they all have it. I know it was mentioned a lot on the USA tv series 'House'. I didn't watch it but my daughter told me (tongue In cheek) that every patient seem to be diagnosed with Lyme disease. It seems to be an awful disease with so many debilitating symptoms.

  • butterfly, does your daughter mean that evry patient seems to be dignosed with lyme, In the usa or uk?

  • bluepettals2

    My daughter was referring to the' Tv drama' only. She only watched the series a handful of times but noticed Lyme disease was mentioned in those episodes she saw.

  • butterly I expect the house series was full of lyme because lyme is prevalent and was used as a biowarfare in plum island usa and now theer is a massive coverup about it and no help , it is shocking how people are suffering.

  • Butterfly65 - perhaps your daughter should take a read of patient stories:


  • cinnamon girl, I hadn't seen those case histories they are horrendous. any on e who is well hasn't got a clue what lyme is like and should never judge as no one is safe.. I have two healthy wealthy friends

    inparticular who I know get irritated as 'there is always something wrong with her', meaning me! this I find bloody unkind as I hav e known them 37 years and there by the grace of God go they... just walk a mile in a

    sufferers shoes and see what lyme is like! one of my lyme colleagues from a forum has just borrowed th emoney to go to a german hospital

    and th eother is like a belson camp prisioner. both very very ill. I hope I am in an inactive stage but I never k now for how long and believe me the suffering was INTOLERABLE! FOR anyone who likes to judge should take a look at the videos of lyme and plum island I posted one a couple of days ago. no one is safe.

  • cinnamon_girl my daughter was referring to a tv 'Drama' ( not real life cases) she'd watched a handful of times & she wasn't making any kind of judgement on Lyme disease so please don't take my 'tongue in cheek' comment so seriously. I'm aware of Lymes serious health consequences since watching the programme I mentioned in my first comment as I'm sure is my daughter.

  • Lyme disease and/or co-infections (such as mycoplasma, babesia, erlichia, bartonella, parasites of many kinds, mold, candidat etc) are responsible for the majority of the illness of most members of this forum.

    Most here are living in ignorance, with many wondering why they are struggling to control their thyroid along with adrenals and sex hormones.

    The answer is that they have underlying infections of some kind. Lyme has been called the great mimicker. Which translated means that for many it is the cause of their endocrine issues, MS, ME/CFS, fibromylgia, neurological symptoms, seizures, parkisons, alzheimers and many, many more.

    More and more, the medical profession is starting to realise how many conditions have an underlying infectious cause. Think of gastric ulcers as an example.



  • Thanks for the links rosetrees.

  • Most good outdoor clothing shops sell tick removers.

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