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Would like advice on which tests to have?

Thanks to Treepie for directing me to Isabella Wentz's site, her language is so clear and easy to read I've ordered her book Root Cause. I would like to try to improve my condition with diet, vitamins & supplements, (posted test results in earlier post but only had TPO, TSH and FT4 done). I think I should start with having private blood tests. Apart from Vit B12, vit D, folate & ferritin are there others tests I should include? I take no medication and only vit D yg 25. Losing confidence in GP, far more knowledgeable folk here.

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If you are paying for the tests yourself then the blue horizon plus 11 would be enough to start with. (There is a link on the main thyroid UK website.) It covers tsh, ft4, ft3, t4, thyroid peroxidase antibodies, thyroglobulin antibodies, ferritin, folate, vitamin b12, C reactive protein, vitamin D.

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Thank you Bluebug, that's the one I was looking at but not sure so just wanted to check here first. :)


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