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T3 dosing

Hello, I was just wondering when is the best time to take T3? I'm on 75mcg of Levo at the moment, I want to try adding just some T3 to see if that's makes any difference, I feel pretty awful at the moment!

And I was after some help on when to take it? Do I take it in the morning with my Levo, on an empty stomach and then wait before eating? Or is it best at night? Does it have to be on an empty stomach?

Thanks in advance x

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I would add a small dose (6.25mcg) of T3 to your Levothyroxine in the morning. If you increase dose you can split into 2 doses. All thyroid meds should be taken on an empty stomach.

I split my T3 into 2 doses and take the larger dose in the morning with Levothyroxine and the smaller dose at bedtime.

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Thank you very much.


if you have a highish free t4 and don't convert well, you would do best on t3 only and no 4. or lower t4 very low, then add t3.


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