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Graves/Hyperthroid and breathlessness

Does anyone else who is Hyperthyroid/Graves and who lost weight/muscle mass (not put any back on over 3 years) suffer from breathlessness upon exertion ? Don't know whether it is because I have been so inactive over the last 3 years due to feeling so ill over the last 3 years but I am still finding it such a chore doing things that were so easy to do BG (before Graves) i.e. go up a flight of stairs, lifting (ironing board, bags of shopping, shaking a duvet to remake bed AND lifting my grandson in and out of his cot and high chair) without getting breathless/feeling winded ?

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Breathlessness on exertion is a common symptom of hyper or overmedication. There's an article here about it: Are you not getting any treatment for your Graves'?


Sorry I can't answer your question because I'm in remission from Graves. Once I got 'back to normal' I found I functioned as welL as I did before being treated for Graves and I no longer have any of the hyper symptoms I had before although for a long time after my treatment stopped my body felt 'odd' I felt it was because it had been so long since it was normal it didn't know what normal was any more, , at one point I was convinced I was becoming hypo.

I was recently diagnosed with T2 diabetes, it was brought on by steroids I was taking for RA. To cut a long story short, I tested my blood before and two hours after every meal, kept a record of everything I ate and eliminated everything that spiked my blood sugar. After doing that for three months my HbA1c was greatly reduced and I'm no longer T2, I have lost a huge amount of weight and I probably as slim as I was when my Graves was at its peak - but - my thigh muscles etc are fine and I not shaky or tired either. I bought a Fitbit and aim for 10K steps a day. When I first started that I could barely walk a hundred yards without back ache, now I can walk miles - in my case feeling weak was because I was very unfit.

I don't know how you would be able to tell the difference though. Does your local gym have a Medical Referrals scheme? You could ask your doctor to refer you to that if they do and your exercise would be well supervised.


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