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Finally a diagnosis!


I haven't posted for a while but wanted to update as you had all offered some really good advice to me over the last couple of years. After a long battle with my GP practice and several changes in GP I've finally been diagnosed as hypothryoid, within my latest blood tests it shows my TPO levels reduced from 257 in 2013 to 46 in the last month. Does this level of TPO still indicate hashimoto's? My TSH and Ft4 readings have always fluctuated dropping and raising every 3 months, although last two blood tests show that TSH has risen and FT4 has dropped. My GP has prescribed me with Levothryoxine 25mcg daily, with a view to increasing after 3 months, is this enough to combat the extreme fatigue, dry skin and lack of concentration that I currently have?



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Once you've had raised antibodies that's it, you have Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroid disease). The nature of it is that the antibodies will fluctuate, which will also make your symptoms fluctuate and your thyroid test results.

25mcg is a very low dose, some doctors use 50mcg as a start dose. It's usual to retest in 6 weeks (not 3 months) and adjust dose if necessary, retest in another 6 weeks and adjust again if necessary, etc.

Once you are on your optimal dose your symptoms should subside but you have to build up to it gradually.

As gluten usually fuels antibody attacks it is recommended to go scrupulously gluten free and this should help reduce the attacks. Some people find they also need to be dairy free.

Vitamins and minerals need to be at optimal levels for thyroid hormone to work properly so it's a good idea to get Vit D, B12, ferritin and folate checked.


Also would be a good idea to check TG Anti-bodies as well.

NHS only tests for TPO antibodies. You can be high in one sort of antibodies, or the other, or both.

Can get full thyroid check privately if GP won't - see Thyroid Uk - private blood tests - Blue Horizon plus 11 gives full sweep of all you need to know. Easy to do with finger prick test at home.



Ariesgerl previously had high TPOab which confirms Hashimoto's so there's no point in privately testing TgAb.



Thanks for replies, I think the initial low dose is because I have an underlying heart condition and GP said he was concerned in case this was affected by levothyroxine so wanted to increase slowly.

My ferritin is very low at the moment at 8, was around 11 a few months ago but according to other blood tests I'm not anaemic. GP has suggested some over the counter remedies for this but I'd like to see the effect of levothyroxine first. Vit D was also out of range but recently increased to just below optimal with medication, unsure of B12, don't think its ever been tested.



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