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Please help my sister has just had blood tests her tsh was 2.25 and her t4 is 14.2 and her anti bodies are high she has all symptoms of hypothyroid .I am hypothyroid ,my dad is my nan was but her doctor says it all falls into normal ranges my sister looks so ill and is either sleeping having headaches putting weight on not healing if she cuts herself she isn't the sister I knew a year ago she isn't well 😢

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Hi Lissa, Please give the ranges for the blood test results so that members can comment. Read as many posts on here as you can and it will become clearer to see what your sister needs.


It would be good if you could also get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges as that would be helpful.

If she has high antibodies regardless of her TSH being 'normal' she has to be prescribed levothyroxine.

If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr. Toft (ex President of the British Thyroid Association) you can highlight his advice when we've high antibodies and it is to prescribe.

It's amazing how many of the medical professionals know very little about how to treat. Instead her GP is willing to let her antibodies attack her thyroid gland until she is completely hypo.

When her next blood test is due the appointment should be the earliest possible and don't eat before it but she can drink water. If/when she is on thyroid hormones there should be a 24 hour gap between her last dose and the test and take levo afterwards.

This helps to keep the TSH at a higher level as they are all to keen on the TSH and know nothing and don't take notice of any of the awful symptoms.


read/google Dr. Mark Hyman on reversing autoimmune don't have to be on thyroid meds ever or even for life. I wish i had never started them and instead, focused on getting my immune system in order.

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