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Any ideas?

I have been struggling for 1yr since diagnosis of hypothyroidism I have been taking various doses of Levothyroxine. At present I am on 75. I have been started on Vit D, B12 and folic acid as all levels were low. I have just had my thyroid scanned as I can feel it is swollen. I feel dreadful and my GP makes me feel like I am bothering him. I am seeing an endocrinologist soon but they only seem to want to adjust my dose. I don't feel any different to when I was first diagnosed and that is pretty rotten.

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75 is really low. Especially 12 months on


Wow you got ferritin folate & B12 tested in first year... Levothyroxine 50mcg 5yrs diagnosed


Ignore your doctor's attitude. Make him do what he's paid for - i.e. make you better!

I guess your doctor is 'treating' you by TSH levels - another ignoramus! That's a very bad idea, and will keep the patient ill. With doctors like that, you need to educate yourself and show him that you know what you're talking about, and you will not be fobbed off anymore. You mean business!

So, the first step to taking charge of your health is to get copies of as many of your blood test results as you can - it's your legal right to have them Under the Data Protection Act. Then, post them on here and let us put our heads together.

Do you know your levels for vit D, vit B12 and folate? That is a must because doctors will put you on inadequate doses of the cheapest form of the vitamin. What are you taking, exactly, and how much?

Folic acid isn't good, for a start. What you need to take, when you're taking B12, is a B complex with methylfolate, it's more easily absorbed. And the B12 should be methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin.

Vit D should be without added calcium, and you should be taking vit K2 with it, because vit D3 increases absorption of calcium from food, and vit K2 makes sure it gets into the bones and teeth, rather than the tissues, like the heart and kidneys. But doctors Don't know that. :(


GG gives you the advice to get going on mending your health.I took over a year to feel really better if not symptom free. 75 mcg is a low dose and probably not enough to improve on.


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