T3, T4 and Vit D will cost me £100...ffs

I read things on here and then my GP will say something different. So I am just going for the free ones on the NHS. I will have to wait and see if and when i fall out of the range. I can't afford this...they have added an admin fee on which makes the whole shebang unaffordable....the NHS is being privatised already via such means.

Even if I did get them done privately I wouldn't get anybody to act on them if they are in the range but low, so it's a waste of money...


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4 Replies

  • Foggymoggy,

    Are you saying your GP will charge you £100 if you want T4, T3 and vitD tested?

  • Wow. If that is what your GP charges that is outrageous.

    On this site : bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/

    If you search for the Thyroid Check Plus Six, this is a finger prick test which includes :





    Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

    Thyroglobulin Antibodies

    There is also a Thyroid Check Plus Eleven, this is also a finger prick test and it includes :





    Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

    Thyroglobulin Antibodies



    Vitamin B12 (NOT ACTIVE B12)

    C Reactive Protein

    Vitamin D (25-OH)

    The Plus Six test currently costs £69, and the Plus Eleven costs £99. Your GP is just gouging you.

  • I forgot to say, there are also tests called Thyroid Check Plus Ten and Thyroid Check Plus Twelve. I was quoting the cheapest and the most expensive of the finger-prick tests.

  • Foggymoggy your GP is an individual who says things based on their prejudices, knowledge and NHS protocols. It's common with lots of chronic diseases for patients to actually know more about the disease than the medical staff treating them in a GP's practise.

    Also I have got my GP to act on my private blood tests for iron and vitamin D, so private tests aren't a waste of money.

    In fact all GPs have been told by NHS England to act on vitamin D levels so while they may refuse to test you as you don't fit their protocol, if you get tested privately and come back as severely deficient they have to prescribe you high dose supplements. The issues come when you are insufficient as some will ignore the result, some will prescribe supplements, and others will tell you to go and buy them over the counter.

    T3 and T4 results are different because NICE and NHS protocols don't value them in diagnosis so it is up to the individual doctor to interpret them.

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