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Advice needed for daughters results

Advice needed for daughters results

Can you pls help with results for my daughter

She is 30 soon .. Has symptoms of tiredness. Weight gain and difficulty losing weight .. Sugar n carb addict.

She's felt so much more tiredness in last few weeks n went had bloods done because I'm hypo n so was my mum n sister ... I'm on 100 mic a day levo

So.... She was told that she was " borderline "

No action needed but to test in a year!

I'm not happy with this ... It looks like she's low and under the range? And we don't understand the antibodies part, celiac ?? I've never had that on my results! Confused for her

Pic here and 2nd in comments ok

Thanks all for future advice xx

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No cant post pic here will add it to stream 😳



You posted the photos upside down and have cut off the name of the tests.

From looking at the ranges I think 3.81 must be TSH and 7.5 must be FT4 which is below range. On the 2nd photo I think 4.2 is FT3 which is low in range and will drop further as FT4 is deficient.

I think your daughter's GP ought to consider secondary hypothyroidism due to pituitary dysfunction as TSH is low-normal and FT4 is below range. Secondary hypothyroidism is usually managed in endocrinology as it is necessary to check sex and growth hormones are not deficient. Levothyroxine should be prescribed to replace low FT4.

I couldn't see a result for thyroid antibodies but the second photo shows that your daughter has a negative result for coeliac disease, assuming she was eating gluten for at least six weeks prior to her Ttg blood test.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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