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Hashimoto's and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's over 2 years ago, a year after returning to UK from a very sunny Middle East where I had been the healthiest I've ever been. The main issue I had was lack of energy (sudden overwhelming tiredness and immediate need to sleep for a couple of hours most afternoons). I had various other symptoms that could have been thyroid related or perimenopausal (brain fog, lack of confidence etc). I noticed I felt so much better in summer months and thought it was due to my medication stabilising. I went downhill again in the winter on the same medication. I slept most of the winter. Then I read that the thyroid naturally works 'better' in summer. So, come the start of my second winter with hasimoti's, I bought a SAD lamp. This specific model can be left on all day as natural background lighting, or can be used as intense therapy if you sit in front of it for an hour or so. This has made an unbelievable difference to my energy levels. I got through the winter months being awake! I can actually count the days in one had that I needed to have an afternoon nap. I reduced my thyroid medication slightly and intend to reduce more (I'm only on a low dose anyway as I have an irregular heart beat and my cardiologist advised the thyroxine was aggravating this by causing palpitations). I've also been taking apple cider vinegar (ACV) and Manuka honey in hot water first thing each morning and a combination of vitamins (multi vitamin, magnesium, vitamin D, B6, B12). I think the ACV has helped with my immune system. No colds the last 2 winters since I've been taking it. Not sure about the vitamins but I swear by the SAD lamp. I stopped using it about 6 weeks ago as the weather was improving. After one very long grey, wet weekend with no sign of sunlight, I started feeling tired again. By Monday afternoon the overwhelming tiredness was back and I slept for nearly 3 hours. The lamp came straight back out of 'winter storage' and I had a little boost of it each morning and it did its magic. Apart from being awake all day, I just feel generally well again. The brain isn't as foggy, confidence is much better - I'm able to do things again that I wouldn't have done a year ago. It's just made such a difference. Even my husband feels he benefited from it with increased energy levels over the winter. The model I got cost £140 (although I got on offer for less). I know it's not cheap but for me it was money well spent.

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Good to read your post. Just a thought - your irregular heartbeat could be due to a LOW T3. Do you have a recent result with range ? Hearts are sensitive to both too much and too little of the ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3.

Better to take vitamins and minerals individually as there is rarely enough in a multi-vit - and if you increase the dose then you run the risk of overdosing on some :-)

Glad your lamp has worked for you - yes I believe in the power of the sun - I live in Crete !


Such an interesting post, hope your lamp continues to work it's magic!

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