Sourcing T3

Can someone please pm me with a reliable source for Tiromel (T3) or similar?

I take 2 grains of Nature Throid daily with some success but can't tolerate any more than that. Then I found that adding 25mcgs of Tiromel made a big improvement but I am running out now and reducing my dose of Tiromel has put me into cognitive decline. It's a big effort even to write this coherently and legibly!

My last supplier now wants a prescription and have nearly doubled their charges! I tried an online pharmacy which I used successfully some time ago,  and after receiving lots of excuses I realise I've been ripped off: not a large sum but it's depressing and infuriating. Now I have lost all confidence in ordering online so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies if this post is breaking any guidelines - I tried to read the posting advice but my head started to spin!

 Thanks in advance, Gerald

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  • Gerald,

    It's fine to request sources as long as members respond via private messages.

  • I am using Uni Pharma for a year now. Before I was on Mexican Cynomel. Tried Tiromel but I didn't like it. Sent you info on PM.

  • Many thanks to the several kind people who so generously replied. I have already successfully placed an order which hopefully will not take too long, and look forward to getting some semblance of normality back!

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