Buy T3 online - UK prescriptions so expensive!

Does anyone have a recommended online sources of T3. After going from Tiromel (source ran out) to T3 by Uni-Pharma, I am now taking Thyro by Bioniche Pharma which I am sceptical about largely because they sell lots of steroids and things for body building and theyre not well-known (!) -  (I didn't realise it was an UGL not a pharmaceutical!). I was sent the tablets with a freebie which I was excited to receive but it turned out to be Viagra! I suppose a much needed supp for men that tamper with their hormones for muscle gain. Obviously the Mexican Cytonel seems to be the ideal (most potent) choice but it seems impossible to source. 

Any similar experiences or help appreciated!:)

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  • Hi,

    Someone posted that Mexican T3 is back on sale from next week, but there's a company in Cyprus, if you can't wait till then. I haven't tried the Mexican stuff, but assume it must be good as people have commented on missing it.


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