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I've been searching for a link that will bring me to T3 that has been tried and tested and can't find any thing that helps. There are so many sites that have popped up but I'm not too sure where to look. 

Please, if you've been online to buy T3, can you provide some links that have been verified to work and be a legitimate source of effective T3- all I can find are the body building sites which will, I have been told, fill my body with the wrong chemicals. 

Kind regards.

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  • Brightrock,

    There are many brands of T3 available but Tiromel (Turkish) and Uni-Pharma (Greek) are pretty much the most commonly bought T3 without prescription.

  • What sites would you recommend to purchase any one of these? 

    Kind regards 

  • Brightrock,

    These are prescription strength T3, not supplements.  25mcg T3 is equivalent to 75mcg Levothyroxine.  Buy a pillcutter from your pharmacy and quarter the tablets starting off with 6.25mcg added to Levothyroxine.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Newbie to this site. I have been searching for Tiromel and cannot find a site where i can buy it. Please advise , private message if necessary.

  • You say in your other post that you want T3 for weight loss. You won't really know whether your body needs T3 until you've had FT4 and FT3 tests done to see whether you are converting. If you are converting well enough and have a good level of FT3 already, adding T3 could cause you problems. 

    A good idea is to get B12, Vit D, ferritin and Folate tested. These need to be at an optimal level for your thyroid hormone to work properly. So if necessary, supplement your Vits and mins to their optimal levels, see how well your thyroid hormone is being used and if you re converting to FT3 well enough, and then see if you need to add T3.

    I add a small amount of T3 to my Levo, 150mcg levo and 12.5mcg T3. That has not resulted in any weight loss for me, so I've no idea how much is needed for a person to lose weight. If it's a significant amount, and you don't really need because your can produce enough FT3 already, then you put your health at risk. 

  • Hi Seaside Suzie

    Ok I understand the need for testing, last year my t4 was reduced to 125mcg after testing from 175mcg I lost weight by adding a non supplemented t3 which appeared to work with me in 2015 I used a b12/ferritin from my health advisor at the same time which appeared to assist me @ work as well but now I realise that further testing is required to see what level of t3 is working for me..I am pursueing every test I can obtain. Thank you for your comments and good luck with your search.

  • I converted well on levo and ndt. But didn't' regain my health until taking only  t3. Once a day.

  • But from the OP's other posts, he wants T3 purely for weight loss reasons. There is nothing about any thyroid tests (you actually answered his other post asking "Can you get your recent blood tests for the experts here to advise you". Also he said he has "little understanding of what is going on with my body".

    I am pointing out the possible detrimental effects on health IF you don't NEED T3 for your thyroid health, and the need to get certain vitamins and minerals to their optimal levels in order to give thyroid hormone a chance to work on the first place.

    I take some T3 in addition to my Levo (not for weight loss purposes, I am happy enough with my weight) so I am not against it and know that there will always be some people who need it. 

  • I think the addition of t3 to levo is a better move than t4 alone. I'm sure he can read up on all the essential vits and minerals he needs. 

  • I agree that a combination of Levo and T3 is better for some people, and some people do better on NDT, some people need to tweak NDT with T3 or Levo, and some people do well on Levo alone. We're all different with different needs.

    The OP said he had little understanding of what was going on with his body. He is a new member. He may not know the importance  of optimal levels of vitamins and mineral, as many newbies don't. I pointed that out. Hopefully he will look into it, ask questions, read about it and gain more understanding of his thyroid disease if that's what he wants.

  • Hopefully he will. I believe no one does good on levo alone. I think it causes a host of problems. I know this from experience. 

  • Hi seaside, pm you

  • Susie, he did say in his previous post that he has been diagnosed hypo, but, reading between the lines, his doctor is useless and reduced his Levo due to his TSH. He talks a lot about his weight, but he also has a lot of other problems. He doesn't just want it for weight loss. But I did tell him he should get full labs done first. :)

  • Until today I lost 28 lbs on T3 and my weight is steadily dropping. Sent you PM where I order my T3 from.

  • Could you share the source of T3 as well.  Thank you.  

  • Sent you PM.

  • Me too please

  • PM sent.

  • Hi food_ie could you please let me know where you order yor t3 from please

  • There are many brands of T3 available but Tiromel (Turkish) and Uni-Pharma (Greek) are pretty much the most commonly bought T3 without prescription.

  • Hi brightrock

    Is there a supplier that you can order from please? X

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