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Need advise & results after labour

I need advice on my results I'll get my full bloods tomorrow and post them. I had a baby 8 weeks ago who was diagnosed with uat so they checked my thyroid and my TSH was 20 my ft4 was 16. I've been hypo for 6 years and on levo. I've had them done now and my TSH is 0.9 and ft4 24.5. Like I say I will post all my results tomorrow. Is it dangerous for your ft4 to be high and TSH low?

Also I have high colestrol apparently and I'm only 26!

What is with my body .....

I'm on 150 levo they said put it down to 100 I said no I'll stick with 125

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Hi Muffin, sorry to hear about your baby. No, low TSH is not dangerous, neither is a high FT4, providing your FT3 is in range. But, of course, they Don't test that, so they actually have no real idea whether you are on too much Levo or not.

You really, really need to get your FT3 tested. If doctors won't do it, you could get it done privately, but you need to know. And you should not agree to lower your dose until you know what your FT3 is. It could be that you aren't converting the Levo you're taking into T3, but you won't know unless you have them both tested.  

High cholesterol is a symptoms of low thyroid. It should decrease as your T3 increases. Whatever you do, Don't accept statins. They do more harm than good.  


No I'm not accepting meds for the cholesterol. I've heard bad things! I will get my t3 done at my next blood test. To be fair the doc who called with my results seems ok and she will add t3 no probs, the doc who ordered that test is a plank lol


Yes, there are a lot of bad things to be said about statins! If you can get your doctor to test the FT3, that would be brilliant! It's the most important number! :)


I will do. When I get my other results tomorrow I will post all of them with the ranges just for your opinions 

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