since when is a gp qualifiedto read ecg's?

after being short of breath and wheezy for a few weeks I trot off to gp I live under a lot of big stress and my bp ususally low went to 191 systolic in gp office. he said lungs appeared ok so it 'must be your heart'- book in for ecg here an d chest xray  at the hospital and get bloods done. ok , but the gp read the ecg and said it was ok, meanwhile I still have thumping periods of my heart and occasional pain  so what happened to the cardiologist-- is that obsolete now due to cutbacks?

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  • Hi - I have had 3 ecgs . Two were done in the surgery and read by 2 different GPs. The 3rd was read by a doctor in the hospital.  I think around here we only get sent to a Cardiologist if ecg is abnormal .

  • The thing is, 'normal' is a judgement which causes us a whole heap of trouble...   :(

  • If there was an abnormality showing on the ecg- you may then get a referral to cardio,depending on what the results's are able to interpret ecg's,in fact nowadays the person doing the ecg is qualified you can be pretty much reassured that nothing untoward showed on the ecg.thats not to say there's nothing wrong tho,they are not an in depth study!

  • ok thanks girls

  • If you've got online access, you may see there's automated diagnostics printed on the chart.  I recalled something to a Prof some time after one of mine - maybe they consider it best we don't know of anything that's not immediately life-threatening? 

  • Pettals, insist on seeing a Cardiologist. You need to see a specialist.

  • When was this bp, today?

  • jose it was last week, I have to go back to gp as he  wants a chest xray too, my gps are not too bad really  I shall explain the thumps altho I have had  a specialist scan a coupl eof years ago and myheart  has gone into overdrive a lot at times.

  • Pettals,

    If your heart condition is fairly recent, the resumption of medicating (liquid) T4 only may have some bearing on your results ? ? .... T4 only gave me terrible heart palps and bangs and jumps , etc ...... 

  • its been like it  for a while intermittent have had heart tests with cardio before but as I nearly had apots diagnosis albeit 4 beats out and  so many other probs and b12 methyl mtfhr which the haemo doent wantto admit I rest my case!

  • I am one mass of ectopic beats - I say my heart plays reggae - but cardiology says it's not life threatening and that beta blockers would make me fell worse (asthma and hypo). So it's not necessarily anything to worry about. The more T3, the fewer ectopics I seem to get. But I get lots of groups of three of more and have for years.

  • If my GP couldn't read an ecg I'd be very worried, it's elementary stuff.

  • jim that is confidence boosting.thankyou.

  • cardio showed me how to read an ECG so it's not rocket science.

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