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I want my old life back


Hi I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 8 weeks ago, before been diagnosed I felt great I had loads of energy, lost weight, my skin was clear and i felt so confident in myself. Only found out I was hyper because of a itchy sore on my foot that wasn't healing and doctor did loads of blood tests.

Fast forward 8 weeks and my skin is spotty, I dont have much energy if i do too much it takes days to recover, i feel dizzy and tired, look pale, feel anxious all the time, my neck aches at times and my hands and feet are constantly cold.

Ive been on carbimazole 20mg and propranolol m/r 160mg for 8 weeks and have read that it can take a while to feel a difference but Ive felt fine up until this last week when all these symptoms have started.

My blood test showed that my FT4 had halved in 3 weeks form 60 to 30 so medication is working, will be seeing endo in 4 weeks time to see if i need to adjust meds.

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I am sorry you are feeling so rough. I am hypothyroid but those who have been hyper will respond soon. 

I've been diagnosed 8 weeks with Hashimoto's and unfortunately my symptoms have just got worse. But I have faith that improving my diet with medication and supplements might help somewhat. But at the moment I feel this is my life now and I just have to accept it and do all I can to help myself and use forums like this to support me. From what I've seen there's no easy solutions or remedies however everyone is different so keep positive xxx

Hi so sorry your feeling so bad I went through the same thing as  I'm going on 10 weeks hypothyroidism  and I have my good and bad days yesterday was a good day the day before that a bad one! I just try and enjoy the days I feel good at the minute and in time I will either get used to it or it will get much better (my positivity will hopefully make that happen) as its a bit like a bereivement really as its losing the old self a bit 😭 but I'm trying to see it as a beginning of a new me 😊 who is stronger and going to fight this as certainly not going to let it beat me if I can. Good luck and try and stay positive it's only been a few weeks so give it a little more time this advice was given to me best advice yet xxx

You say that your blood test showed that your FT4 was around 30.  How recent was that blood test ?  And how long did it take to decrease from 60 to 30 ?

It is likely from your symptoms that your FT4/FT3 levels are now at the lower end of the range and that is why you're having hypothyroid symptoms.  

If you can get another blood test before you see your endo, that'd be good. He/she will be able to reduce the dosage on the day of your appointment.   

It took nearly 3 weeks for my FT4 to go from 60 to 30, I need to have a blood test 1 week before my next endo appointment so he can see what levels are and can adjust dose if need be. Hopefully will be seeing him in 4 weeks but got to wait for ultrasound before seeing endo.

OK. Well the Carbimazole is working very fast then.  Your T4/T3 levels are probably quite low by now, and your dose needs to be reduced as soon as possible.    Is there any chance you can get a blood test via your GP and can get your GP to liaise with your endo ; if you can do this next week, then you might be able to get a dose adjustment without having to wait 4 weeks.

Also, don't worry. The Carbmizole dose needs adjusting in the initial stages, but once you're on a maintenance dose,  things will be pretty stable and you'll feel better.

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