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Graves' disease - link with yellow fever vaccine?


I was diagnosed with Graves' disease 5 months ago, after having what I now realise were symptoms since 2012. I've been responding well to medication with carbimazole but an keen to get to the bottom of what caused the disease and have considered eg work stress as a factor. However I now wonder whether the trigger for the autoimmune response may have been a vaccination for yellow fever in early 2011. I've found a couple of articles on the net that suggest a link between the vaccine and autoimmune diseases generally, but the topic seems not to be well investigated. Does anyone know of an established link, or have similar experiences? 

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I think you could well be on the right track with the vaccine.  Of course it would not be in the interest of the Pharmaceutical companies to have negative research about their vaccines.  I think I too am a vaccine damaged person as I had TB in the ileo-caecal valve and my health and  abilities worsened over the years after the BCG we had to have at school.   Crohns followed and Hashimotos diagnosed in 2005 at 59.

It is only in the last few years I have been joining up the dots - and feeling better I might add !


My mother and sister have Graves but neither had yellow fever vaccine.  I had yellow fever vaccine about 15 years before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's.  I've not come across links between yellow fever vaccine and autoimmune thyroid disease but I haven't searched for it.

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Thanks for replies so far. 

Clutter - I wasn't suggesting it's the only cause for Graves', and I'm sure it's not. I just wonder whether in some cases there may be a connection between vaccines and autoimmune conditions more generally.  

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