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Carbimazole and Sore Throat

Hi All,

I have been taking Carbimazole for a while now (say 5-6 weeks) and in the last few days I have developed a sore throat. I am not entirely sure if it is just a cold coming on, although I have no other symptoms. In myself, I feel fine as well. I am just concerned that this might be a side effect of the drug, but I do not want to panic just yet. I have no mouth ulcers either. And I feel fine, I do not feel tired or anything. My next blood test is next Tuesday so do I wait until then to speak to the consultant?


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Contact your GP surgery and ask for your white blood cell count to be checked as Carbimazole can lower WBC leaving you unable to fight infection.

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Thanks for the response Clutter... I am due to have a blood test on Tuesday, do you suggest I ask for one earlier than that?



I think you should contact your surgery about the sore throat today in case they want to do a blood test to check white blood cell count.  The blood test on Tuesday will be to check thyroid levels.


OK will do


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