Fundraising page for Thyroid UK is up and running(thanks Louise Warvill). Please donate and share :-). Also add me on Instagram for pics ;)

Hello everyone! Time is almost coming! 15 days to go! This is the link to the donation page. Please donate and share if you can. Thank you :-)

I'll post pictures of the walk on Instagram patryoga27, just add me there if you'd like to see them. Still no posts yet. I'll be leaving on May, 14th. 

Thank you :-)

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Thank YOU Patricia! 

This is obviously a very special and personal journey and we feel privileged to be a part of your experience.




I'll be following your journey with interest.  Very best wishes for fair weather and conditions.

Thank you Clutter! I'm getting really excited. Bought plasters today, cream for my feet and other first aid supplies. I think I have everything now. 

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