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Odd results?

Hi all

I hope everyone is getting on as well as they can? It's been a while since I last posted, getting to grips with a new job and a daily commute. I have been feeling well on T3 but of late I've felt tiredness creeping back. I'm on 80mcg of T3 and recent results came back:

TSH: 0.6 (range 0.5-4.5)

T3: 2.6 (range 3.8-6.9) 

T4: 1 (range 9-23)

I take all my dose first thing in the morning and then don't have breakfast until I get into the office, so about an hour or more after pills.

Should I start adding levo thyroxine? I never felt that good on a combination of treatement :/ Why is my TSH normal?

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks so much x

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Your T3 is on the low side so I would increase your dose, particularly as symptoms have returned. T4 is immaterial when on T3 only. Just increase by a little, by little.

(I am not medically qualified but have had a journey like most on the forum. I am well now on T3 only).


Thankyou shaws and hope you are well. I guess it just dips for no reason? I came off the pill about 4 months ago, not sure if that has an impact. Thanks.

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This is a link which might be helpful:



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