Raw thyroid supplements on eBay !

Raw thyroid supplements on eBay !

Hi, I'm getting a blank wall from my GP: since being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.. She was openly hostile to me when I asked to be prescribed Armour , after reading about it.

I've had no improvement on Levothyroxine, although I suppose I'm only on 25mg after 3 months. 

Early days? 

I was so excited at being diagnosed; hoped I would be treated & get back on my feet, but after all I've read, I guess I can forget it.

I already know more about it than my stupid GP. ( Dr Dof**k'alll, I call her )

But today I found raw freeze dried cow thyroid on eBay ! I wonder if it's any good ? 

Anyone tried it? It seems very popular.. 

I can't really afford it, but I thought " what would you pay to feel well again ?".. So bought it.

I'm too tired to clean my flat, shave my legs, so depressed I want to clock out permanently.. But I can't have that luxury.

It would set a bad example for my children, leave the gate open for them to do the same.

So what if I feel like utter $hite all the time, at least I'm not being held captive in a basement, being abused by some Neanderthal ( no sir- I divorced him ages ago !) 

Fingers crossed. 


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  • It isn't just thyroid, ingredients (if I have hit the same product as you) are:

    Synergistic Complex

    (Thyroid Tissue, Adrenal Tissue, Pituitary Tissue, Thymus Tissue, Spleen Tissue, Malto-dextrin (from Tapioca), American Ginseng.)

    Capsule (gelatin), magnesium stearate (vegetable source), kelp and flogard.

  • Ok what are your thyroid levels? Do you have a printout of your TSH FT4/3 by the looks of the product you've bought can you cancel it? NDT comes from pigs thyroid the one that's been used since time began until synthetic levothyroxine come on the scene and doctors became dumb on the subject... 

    You TSH needs to be about 1, your FT4 needs to be about 60% of the range and your FT3 needs to be 75-80% of the range. Have you had your nutrient levels checked too like Vit D3 and B12, these tend to be low with hypothyroidism... Hope that helps a bit! 

  • No its not the same as NDT at all

    My daughter tried it and found it useless but Thyroid-s from a GOOD supllier is fine 

    There are counterfeit suppliers out there dont trust them 

  • What were your blood results? To be honest three months isn't very long for your body to adjust. It took me over a year of 25mcg increases and blood tests to get to where I am. As you started on a very low dose (like I did) it could be why you are feeling crap. 

    My advice would be to give it some more time. Get print outs of your blood tests so you can compare how you feel dosage wise.

    Cutting gluten from your diet can help a lot also soya and dairy.

  • Also if you don't like your doctor, look for another one in your area.. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid when I was 16 (now 29)... My original doctor was great and I felt fine til I moved 5 yrs later and had to switch doctors, my New GP at the time said my levels were borderline and took me off of levo all together.. Then it slowly started to decline and a combo of the depo birth control shot and stress from a car accident where I had to get cortisone shots in my shoulders just to work (I am a hairstylist) left me almost crippled, exhausted & fat, out of nowhere I gained 60+ lbs in about 6 months... I was and am still gluten free paleo, ate healthy and worked out regularly and my physical therapist noticed the insane weight gain plus he had me write out my daily diet intake and was shocked Bc I was only consuming between 900-1200 calories , he then sent me to a women's naturopath... She ran tons of test and that's when I got hit with NOT ONE BUT 3 auto immune disorders.. Hashimotos, myasthenia gravis and celiac... My vitamin D was deficient, my testasterone was very low and so was my sodium.. She instantly placed me back on 75mcg of levo and had me blood draw to test every 6 weeks... I liked her but I felt like I was the youngest client she had and she was more a tuned to a clientele going thru menopause, she kept insisting that my irregular period was peri menopausal and that I needed bio identical cream hormones but she wouldn't give me amour Bc of its inconsitantcy per capsule..I am not against bio indentical hormones but at the time I was 25 and not going thru menopause at all. so I left her practice and I was taking 110mcg of levo a day and suffering from insane heart burn and still couldn't drop a pound even with a trainer 6 days a week... I did find a new doctor who specializes in just endocrinology(thank god!) I knew I was in the right place Bc up until this point I have only had hands on physical exams of my throat area, the first visit I had with my new doctor was 4 separate appointments and 2 weeks of thyroid and metabolic testing  plus a ultra sound of my throat with biopsies of my thyroid nodules which I have 7  benign nodules.. I would've never known that if I didn't find a specialist, I even might of ended up with a goiter or worse.. I tell you my story Bc now here I am about to turn 30 still gluten free, still testing my thyroid levels regularly, got to try levo, amour, tirostint and synthryoid.. Come to find out the only one I am ok with that doesn't cause heart burn is the synthryoid which I am at 175mcg, getting weekly B12 complex+vitamin C shots and vitamin D shots.. Feeling better, slowly losing weight and hopeful.. Don't give up, I promise there is something that will make you feel better but sadly it's not on Amazon or in your local drug/vitamin shop.. My new doctor who is not against my natural approach said  "please tell me whatever you research and let me in on the herbs and supplements you take" Bc  a lot of those over the counter or natural things are misleading and could counter act in my body.. So I bring in my research and my bottles of vitamins and supplements and we discuss them. Plus I love the feed back and ability to find out things here on this sight, That's why I love this forum.. Please I wish you the best of luck and health.. It's a long road but be hopeful :) sorry if my story dragged on

  • Hi Elaine,

    There's no information with the dietary supplements, as to how much T4 & T3 is in each pill or capsule. If you need 10 a day, they are expensive, & you won't know your dose.

    I'll send you a message re where to get NDT.

    A friend has just brought back some OTC T3 from Greece, which I'm also liking. Especially as it's only £1 for 30 25mcg!


  • Hi Leverette could you tell me the name of that T3 please, hoping one of my friends will go to Greece this Summer! x

  • Hi,

    It's made by Unipharma.

    Seems good so far! The pharmacist would only sell 2 packets, so Google all the pharmacies your friend can go to, so she can stock up. ;)


  • Thankyou leverette I will look it up x

  • dwsmith,

    Do be aware that it is illegal for friends to bring it back for you. It is legal for you and members of your household.

    [Only for information - I am not meaning to be censorius but better to know than to be surprised.]

  • Thankyou Helvella I didn't know that - I may have to go myself then!! x

  • Make sure you get your levels at 25 mcg tested ASAP. You will probably need a dose increase but I wouldn't rush down the self-medicating route just yet. Give the T4 time to work and ascertain what your optimum dose might be. It's free and does well for the vast majority of hypothyroid patients. 

  • Elaine, send it back to the supplier. These sort of things are all a big con, as far as I'm concerned. You need replacement hormone. There aren't any hormones in this, as far as we can tell - and if there are, you have no idea how much.

    I'm afraid asking your ignorant doctor for NDT wasn't a very good idea - as you found out! It's doubtful she knows anything about it, but thinks she knows it's unreliable, snake oïl, dangerous... chose your own adjective! All rubbish, of course. NDT is well controlled and regulated - but not licenced in the UK, so it's very difficult to get it prescribed. Most doctors believe the propaganda put out by Big Pharma and refuse to prescribe anything but Levo.

    That your doctor is ignorant is a given. For a start, she should have started you on 50 mcg rather than 25. 25 is a starting dose for little old ladies with heart disease.

    Secondly, she should have tested you after 6 weeks on that dose and increased it. It's very doubtful that that would be an optimal dose for anyone. The problem here is not that it's 'early days', but that your dose is much too low, and you've been on it for too long.

    When did you have your last blood test? If you haven't had one recently, go and ask for one. Tell her you want TSH, FT4, FT3 and antibodies - TPOab and TgAB - vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. You probably won't get them all, but just let her know you mean business, and you aren't going to be fobbed off anymore.

    Get your test early in the morning - before 9 o'clock,  fast - just drink water, and leave 24 hours between your last dose of Levo and the test.

    Always ask for a print-out of your results so that you know exactly what was tested, and exactly what the results were. Post them on here, and someone will explain them to you. It's time to take charge of your own health, because obviously you can't trust your doctor with it! :)

  • GreyGoose is spot on. Re bloods; I'd also look to test Reverse T3 (as I found out that my thyroid is pumping out these useless hormones, thus becoming hypothyroid). This was the missing piece.

  • No, Rose, you thyroid isn't 'pumping' them out. It's a conversion problem. Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin tested? If those aren't optimal, it can affect your conversion.

    And they're not 100% useless, because they're converted to FT2 in their turn. It's perfectly normal for the body to produce a certain amount of rT3, it's just a problem when it's too much.

    So, what are you doing about your rT3?   

  • OK, so you need to bring your ferritin and folate up to see if it improves your conversion. Were you supplementing a B complex with your B12 injections.  

    You could also try taking selenium. And make sure you are eating enough calories. Low calorie negatively affects conversion.  

  • Thanks GG. I'm running a serum iron, serum ferritin, TIBC and transferrin saturation test today, so will update my thread.  Btw, can you recommend any decent iron supplement? I see there is Floradix a liquid supplement (or Floravital if you're gluten intolerant).

  • No, I'm afraid I can't. Why not post a new question asking just that. I'm sure lots of people will reply. :)

  • try Solgar gentle iron, or ferrous bisglycinate, or ferrous fumerate. But you need to know what you ferritin level is before you take big doses.

  • Thank you GreyGoose, I will do as you say. 

    I'm so lucky to have found this site, with people like you helping, I'm going to be alright! 

    I'll cancel the eBay order

     Thank again

  • Hi, you should be having a thyroid function blood test every 6 weeks. It's usual to start the dose with 25 micro grams of Levothyroxine. It's up to you to book yourself in for your blood tests at your GP's practice. The only natural thyroxine type I know of comes from pig's thyroids. I wouldn't buy a natural thyroxine and use it without the express okay from an endocrinologist. The increase of Levothyroxine is usually done in doses of 25 micro grams. That means your next level will be 50 micro grams, then 75, 100, 125 and can continue up to 300 micro grams. The majority of people I know with hypothyroidism are on doses of between 100 and 150 micro grams. Anyone in the United Kingdom who has been diagonosed with Hypothyroidism is entitled to free prescriptions for all of your medications as long as the prescription is from a recognised medical practioner. You will need to fill in and submit form FP92A which you can obtain from your GP's practice. Good luck :)

  • Update: Once your thyroxine and TSH levels are normal you'll need to have the next blood test 6 months thereafter and subsequent blood tests once a year.

  • Some comments deleted under Guideline #23

  • You' do better (financially) buying NDT from Thailand. I'm sure someone will give you the website address.

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