St James Way! Each walk starts with The first step!

St James Way! Each walk starts with The first step!

My son has set up a Instagram account which I'm posting the picture here if anyone wants to follow for updates. I've emailed Louise today and as soon as I have the just giving page for health unlocked I'll post here! 14th of May! Not long to go now! T3 seems to be working because I really feel confident I can do this 790km walk!

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I wish you well and it will be a marvelous experience. T3 is obviously working very well indeed.

Thank you Shaws! Just giving page will be posted soon :-). 

Thank you SO much Patricia for raising funds for Thyroid UK during this very special endeavour!

Just one small thing - it's BTMyDonate not JustGiving. :D

Link to follow shortly...



Thank you Louise for setting this up! Getting excited now. :-) 

Fundraising page for Patricia!

I'll write a new post. Might be easier for others to see. Thank you again Louise! X

So glad to hear it's positive results for you. Best of luck walking.  

Thank You 637elphaba! One day at a time but Yes it has been an upward way since starting on NDT and now on T3 

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