T3 - how much versus NAX


I am at the moment taking x 2 thyroid s. I have purchased some T3. However, I am (as many of us investigating trial and error..).....My TSH is 2.4.  I want to try with T3 but have no idea how much to take........I realize that T3 is a strong medicine . **I am taking X 2 NAX (natural adrenal extra) - *** All I can say about NAX is that I feel "out of balance"........I feel energized but very nervy and anxious.  I am going to try an adrenal support with the extra adrenaline.....

Can someone please help and advice?


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  • I read in a previous post that your daughter may also have a thyroid problem.  It is possible that you both could have thyroid hormone resistance, also known as impaired sensitivity to thyroid hormone. This is a genetic condition which requires very high levels of T3 in the body to compensate.

    If there are other family members with ME, CFS, fibromyalgia, depression or thyroid issues this would further support this idea. 

    This condition requires a single high daily dose of T3.  If you do not have this condition they you will need to split the T3 into several smaller doses.

  • Thank-you Sandy so much  for your reply......what you suggested really does make a lot of sense..........My daughter's thyroid TSH was 0.9, (last month) however, her iron and ferritin levels are low (but of course not according to our GP they are fine). She is taking iron, Q10 and a multi-vitamin - (a German make which is quite good?)

    Consequently, My mother, (and my Grandmother used to have Epiletic fits - according to the GP at that time - which was in the 1930's - 1950s?!) myself and my daughter suffer from Thyroid problems...furthermore, my mother had TB when she was a little girl......and I do know that this illness can cause adrenal problems...

    Anyway, back on track.........I will def try the T3 and regarding my daughter I want to get the saliva test done.........but not sure which one.....or, possibly do a blood test from Blue Horizon..........(need to save the money...)


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