Vit D should I wait for test ?

I am still waiting for appointment to see specialist re fibro which I am hoping is thyroid. But was thinking about starting Vit D to see if it will help with pain and fatigue. What I want to know is will the Vit D affect other test results ? I am not taking anything at the moment as I don't want to affect any blood tests. Any advice or should I hold off ?

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    Above is your earlier post/thread.  Not sure a Fibro specialist will test for the thyroid as well as it was explained to you in the above thread. 

    VitD will not affect other results.  How much are you planning on taking ?  What was your test result ?

  • They didn't test for Vit D. Don't know how long I have to wait to see specialist. Losing all faith in doctors. As before, I am doing my own research. One thing I am sure of, I am not going to be swallowing high doses of anti depressants and still feeling like crap. If it's diagnosed as fibro, I am quite happy to bow out of this life, I will not live like that again. So it's a case of trying a few things to see if it gets better. I thought I would try Vit D to see if it would help

  • Are you able to have tests done privately through Thyroid UK ?

  • I will order a test in the morning

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