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WP thyroid switch. Advice greatly appreciated

Current labs while on t3t4 compound: Ft3: 3.6(2.3-4.2) Ft4: 1.8(1.4-3.8) Rt3:11(8-25) Tsh: 0.63. These were best they have been in 6 yrs. Just switched to WP 81.25 and feel a little sad and am wondering if this dosage may be too low? I do feel the t3 in my compound had becone too much but (t4 95 \ t3 50) but i feel at my new dosage of wp, my T3 may be too low. Any thoughts?

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1 grain (60mg) contains 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3.

There is 52.25mcg T4 and 12.125mcg T3 in 81.25mg WP which is considerably less than the compounded dose you were taking.  Your results on the compounded dose don't indicate overmedication.


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