Mentioning Others and Formatting

Mentioning Others and Formatting

These new functions have been live for a few weeks now, but I think we forgot to tell anyone! :D

1) HealthUnlocked wanted to give you the ability to mention your HU 'friends', whether to shout out, ask for help, point to a resource, request an opinion, or something else.

So, they decided to fix that. 

You can now mention others in a post body or a comment (not Post titles or messages).

All you have to do is type the ‘@‘ symbol followed by the username of the person you’re trying to mention. For example, if I wanted to mention Helvella, I’d type: @Helve… then select him from the list (with arrows / enter or point and click with the mouse).

The user you mention will receive a platform notification letting him/her know you mentioned him/her.

2) They've made formatting text a lot easier. Instead of using those annoying brackets (which still work) you can simply highlight the text and click ‘ctrl’ and ‘b’ at the same time to bold or ‘u’ to underline or ‘i’ to italicise (see what I did there!?). If you’re on a Mac click ‘cmd’ instead of ‘ctrl’.

That’s it.

Hopefully both of these changes will improve your HU experience! :D



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  • Thanks Louise - but as you can see from your post we have lost smiley faces .... !

  • Annoying isn't it. Gain one thing and lose another :(

    edit: We really need our smilies back - they're the safe anti-depressants ;)

  • Oh no not Smiley faces, they drive me mad when some people put them in every sentence, very distracting, but is it me and my non thyroid madness!!

  • The smiley faces are back! Yay! :D

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