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Has anyone had a similar experience?


So auto immune thyroid disease came up on some blood work I had done a year ago. I have all the symptoms of an overactive thyroid disease and have had these symptoms for over 10 years (including high blood pressure) The symptoms have got increasingly worse over time. 

So two things which are confusing me: 

1. That i'm being told its auto immune so I shouldn't be experiencing any symptoms, but I am. 

2.  It has not shown up again 

I feel like i'm going mad and being made to feel that i'm wasting doctors time! 

Any help or response is greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to our forum,

I am hypothyroid but those members who are hyper will respond.

I am confused that they've told you it is 'auto immune so I shouldn't be experiencing any symptoms'.

As far as I know, that's how a disease is finally its symptoms. Unfortunately, it would seem that to diagnose a person with a dysfunctional thyroid gland is extremely difficult these days due to the fact that no experts/doctors appear to know clinical symptoms at all. Before the blood tests were introduced we were given medication, whether hyper/hypo until they were gone.

Do you or can you get a print-out of your most recent blood tests and maybe the original one too and post them. Probably put up a new post and make sure the ranges are stated too.

It will enable members to comment upon them. Did they test for antibodies (probably not).


Did they say which autoimmune thyroid disease? Grave's or Hashimoto's? Which antibodies were tested? Where your thyroid hormones tested?

In other words, did you get a print-out of the results so that you could see exactly what was tested, and what the results were? It's very important to do that, and it's your legal right to have a copy. So, even now, you could go back to your doctor and ask for a print-out. He might make excuses for why he can't do it, but he can't refuse. :) 



GP thought I was hyperthyroid due to a family history of Graves but bloods were euthyroid with positive thyroid peroxidase antibodies 230 so I had Hashimoto's not Graves.  Symptoms were hyper for almost a year and then began swinging between hyper and hypo.  GP and thyroid surgeon insisted Hashimoto's with euthyroid bloods didn't cause symptoms and that they must be non-thyroidal.  After thyroidectomy for thyCa symptoms completely resolved.   I thought my doctors were wrong and have read other patients experience debilitating symptoms when positive for Hashimoto's and euthyroid.


Thanks so much for your responses, I am going to badger my doctor for the results tomorrow and re-post! 


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