Low aldosterone and the pupil reflex test

I've seen it stated on t'interwebs that one of the symptoms of low aldosterone is an unstable pupil reflex in the presence of a bright light. However, I can't find *any* mainstream medical literature which mentions this.

The reason I ask is because I'm currently pulling blood pressure numbers of the 80s/50s variety, have a pupil reflex which is highly unstable in response to bright light and have an odd discoloured patch of skin that's turned up on one hip (yellowy tan, been there over a week). I'm seeing my GP on Tuesday and would like to be able to mention credible symptoms of what I think may be adrenal problems rather than the 'interwebs told me so' variety.

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Look at Dr James Wilson's book - "Adrenal Fatigue - the 21st Century stress Syndrome" - he describes the pupil reflex test there. Another diagnostic test for generally low adrenals is Postural Hypotension - your BP drops on moving from lying to standing (when, if normal, the bp should increase) - this is, apparently, a very reliable indicator.


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