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Can't sweat

Hello, I've chronicled before my symptoms of hypothyroid and the family connection of possible hashimoto's disease. However, one of the nagging symptoms that keeps coming back is that I'm constantly dehydrated. It gets even worse after I eat certain foods. If I try to exercise, then my body forces itself to sweat and I get respite from being completely dried out. 

More recently, before or after I eat I get this throbbing in my upper left abdomen. I asked my gp about what it could be and she told me that I might just have a stomach hernia. Really? This after she has me go through a 5 hour hypoglycemia panel and tells me that I'm hypoglycemic and got worried that I was going to pass out? What about checking for Pancreatitis? More over my ability to smell has become diminished and I've noticed that my nose doesn't run like it used to. Has anyone run into this before? 

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I am sorry you are having these simptoms. I can only comment on the sweat difficulties. I have always had very dry skin (since birth I think) and have never been able to sweat. I have started doing hot yoga which helps with the sweat. However, the moment I stop going regularly (3-4x week) my problem returns. Maybe I was meant to live in a very hot country? I am not sure how this links to the thyroid problems but I am sure it does somewhow.


I've had this problem too and also a bad taste with lack of smell and taste for several years. I think I've tracked it down to autonomic neuropathy for me because I also suffer from a widespread small fibre neuropathy - including in my mouth and nose. I also get terribly tired and dizzy and have hypertension. I was diagnosed with RA five years ago but it's apparently in drug free remission. 

The one thing that has changed for me since adding T3 to my existing 100mcg T4 a month ago is that my circulation seems to have improved a bit and I'm sweating again - a little too much at night perhaps. I'm currently undergoing the Coelicas challenge though in effort to see if gluten is causing my high protein levels and other issues so it's rather confusing timing because I can't be sure about what is causing what. I don't know if being out of whack with hypothyroidism can cause autonomic neuropathy - I'm also having problems with my bowels presently which is why my GP is investigating me for gluten intolerence - among other things. No answers yet but I'm not ruling anything out. 


yes I get same pain in left and have duodenumitis and don't sweat and suffer with sinuses


I didn't sweat much before I was on sufficient thyroxine.



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