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Hashi's and TSH please


I have Hashi's with slightly raised TPO on T4 only -can't tolerate T3 or NDT

I am trying to understand please 

a) Do we take T4 with the aim of totally suppressing our own thyroid gland production 


b) Are we taking T4 to top our own production to a 'normal' level (whatever that is)

sorry if it's a stupid question! 

thank you all

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Hello Daffers I'm sure you'll get a better reply from one of the very knowledgeable admins here, but I'm pretty certain its the latter! (No such thing as stupid questons, only stupid answers!).

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We take Levothyroxine to raise T4 which converts to T3.  Taking sufficient dose to raise FT4 high in range may suppress TSH but suppressing TSH isn't a target unless you are a thyCa patient.  Read Treatment Options in

If you have some thyroid function you are topping up your natural levels with Levothyroxine.


thanks very much  for your clear explanation! it's hard to get head round it all. 


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