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Adrenal glands, hormones and all that

I'm hoping that somebody might be able to clarify a couple of things for me:

1) If somebody ingests salt in quantities which would horrify most people, would aldosterone levels still look good (i.e. fall within the normal range) if adrenal issues were at play?

2) If yes to the above, would struggling to maintain a blood pressure of 90/60 (seated - standing up is a bit higher), general spaciness and said enormous salt consumption point towards adrenal issues? Anything else it could be? (And yes, I realise that it's a bit 'how long is a piece of string'.)

I recorded a BP reading of 88/54 the other day and I'm starting to get a mite concerned now... Thyroid meds are optimal, as is ferritin level. B12 was off the scale in December but haven't supplemented since then as I want to see how much my body hangs on to. Started HRT at the end of January but local pharmacist hasn't heard of HRT causing low blood pressure, and the interwebs seem to back her up.

Many thanks

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The links below discuss how salt consumption affects aldosterone, blood volume and blood pressure.


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