Rats Double Rats

I've got a blood test booked this morning and had left myself notes saying water only, I had water last night, water this morning and was about to go to work on water only when I had to call paramedics for Dad. Autopilot kicked in, I forgot about myself, made tea for the paramedics and had one myself- just realised what I have done. 

Will this completely scupper the results? 

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  • I doubt it very much

  • Hopefully not - it's food mainly that can interfere. I hope your Dad is o.k. as he comes first.

  • Thanks Harry and Shaws

  • Think ok if you had no sugar 

  • Hi Georgina, that's what I was hoping thanks- just a bit of semi skimmed milk and no sugar. I didn't mention it when I had the blood test and she didn't ask about the fast.

  • No problem. Xxxxx

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