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Hypothyroidism and neck pain?

Hi Everyone,

Please can you tell me if you are hypo and suffer from neck pain? I've been getting swelling in my neck on and off but the hospital just tell me that the swelling is there but surgery is not necessary.  I am newly diagnosed with an under active thyroid and have seen an endocrinologist and surgeon about this. I have another neck scan in August to ensure I'm still free from lumps etc (please god).  My neck is however still painful at the moment and as well as putting on weight I feel like crap with a heavy neck on top of that. Is this typical for a thyroid problem??   :'(

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Hello User150,

I have been hypo for 14 years always controlled. This past year I've had neck pain right in the front slightly right side since laryngitis was diagnosed but didn't go away. Feels like swelling up inside pressing on windpipe like being strangled. It aches. Seen a zillion gp's and a consultant Oct 2015 who said it was nothing. The scan proved it was thyroid nodules then the consultant discharged me. So I complained so he them sent me for a ct scan(8 week wait) which I went private for and saw a private consultant as it was quicker through insurance i have.

Hashimotos/Thyroiditis mentions a painful thyroid which is clearly what this is. My antibodies prove hashimotos for which there is no cure. We have to learn to live with it on correct dosage of medication. If you have pain in your neck persist with a diagnosis as pain is NOT NORMAL. 

I'm now having to go through the NHS route to see the private consultant on the NHS.  So a year of pain I finally have my proof and an appointment this month to see this wonderful man. The surgery right hemithyroidectomy I cannot afford and the insurance won't pay.

So yes weight gain and neck pain is typical and it's a private hell as nobody can see it they think you're OK when you're not. It's hard to follow a healthy diet as your body is hungry most of the time.

There is alot of people here who have the same thing. You are not alone and hopefully others will reply too. It's just getting a doctor to listen and help.

I kept going back to my gp again and again. Steroids help but can't be on them all the time. I'm on Naproxen everyday. Plus top up of Oramorph and sometimes Codeine tablets when needed. I find its worse at night.



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