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Pregnancy during treatment for Hyperthryoid

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know when it is advisable to fall pregnant again when dealing with hyperthyroid or grave's disease? Is there a difference between effects of hyperthyroid and grave's disease within pregnancy?

In my experience, my thyroid issues initially started while i was pregnant, then went away, and came back post-partum. I'm still not balanced and don't know if i ever will be.

Question is - do I wait for the thyroid to balance out before becoming pregnant? Altho it could take a while to establish whether hyperthyroidism is long-term or not.

Or do I go ahead, and deal with the thyroid during pregnancy like i did the first time? (Using PTU instead of methimazole)

Can pregnancy make my current situation worse because of hormonal changes in the body in addition to current levels?

Not sure how to plan ahead...

Thanks in advance!

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If Graves is confirmed you may need careful monitoring during pregnancy. Graves antibodies can cross the placenta and cause Graves in the foetus.    Graves antibodies don't 'go away' when hyperthyroid levels normalise or even after thyroidectomy or RAI.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks Clutter!


I have overactive thyroid and I wanted to have a baby so bad. It's been like seven since I had my last child. I asked my doctor, and she advised me not to atake the time which my levels were kind of high. She said it would make things worse and my hormone levels go off the rooftop. I didn't want that at all. So now I am waiting until my levels are at a point were it's OK to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby hopefully that's soon..   Good luck to you 


Thanks for sharing Lovely! That sounds hard to deal with emotionally, especially when you want a baby so much.

Sending you hugs!! 

I think (for me) the hardest part is not knowing when you'll get an answer. If there was a deadline or something, i could hold out until then, but the "not knowing" if or when things will settle down drives me mad. 

And im ony one year post partum.

Hope you get answers soon xxx

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