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The Truth about Cancer documentary - free to watch from 12th April

I shared this documentary by Ty Bollinger last year when it was first released.   This is another opportunity to watch the whole 9 episodes for free.

I learnt so much from this documentary and what over 100 doctors and experts share.  I highly recommend that you put aside some time each day/evening and watch each episode.  We all deserve to hear the truth.

Please click the link below (or copy and paste it into your address bar) and give your email address as you will then be sent links to each episode.  Prepare to be shocked, amazed, angry, joyous.  I have met one of the couples who feature in the success stories, I recognised them from this film and they are so happy to be well and to share their story and have helped hundreds of people to get well too.

Sue x

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Thanks for posting, Suze.

Your avatar looks much better right way up :)

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Because of the time difference the first episode will be available at 1am

Do try to watch it each day, prepare to be amazed


A marvellous series, not just for those who have or know someone who has cancer but for anyone with an autoimmune disorder or even just a zest for getting the most out of life.  For anyone who missed the series, it is available on DVD.

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