lyme disease summit it is free and excellent. sick people, look beyond thyroid, this is informative

and for those with lyme and suffering hold this thought- dr Richard horowiz  hopefully is coming to the UK to speak to the government to explain that the  nhs testing is unrealiable, hehas put together papers, so hang on to that thought and say he HAS already come here- not  HE IS GOING TO  because then it is still needing to happen , talk in past tense, put the thought out there..

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bluepettals - were you able to watch any yesterday?  I watched one with Dr Jay and that was quite interesting.

Tell me more about Dr Horowiz and who's requested that he speaks with the Government?

dr horowitz is amazing I want to buy the whol epackage as lots of these doc do not see patients anmore, I haven't a clue  how to order these things online, I wish we could send cheques  you have still gottoday to listen to dr  horowitz  it is a must.. if you listen to his podcast today you  will understand why he is is coming to uk an di hope  he does..

Do you have to pay to view bluepettals2?  I'm a bit thick headed this morning. 😊

Mabsie - no, you just need to register.

Thank you cinnamon_girl👍

he is a brilliant man..

I have just listened to dr lee cowden and he spoke about lyme narrowing veins- hence MS, and 'back pressure to brain, an d i am wondering if this is why my hair has gone -not enough blood , I have severe blood pooling- and of course head  pressure ... th eplot  thickens..

Thanks jane, I managed to catch Dr Horowitz's talk due to the time difference and so pleased I did.  Most interesting and he'll have an updated and simplified book out before the end of this year.  Good to hear that he's been helping the UK and may help again with guidelines.

Have you read this book? Is it just about Lyme or does it cover post viral (eg EBV) chronic fatigue as well? Thanks.

No I haven't read it because Caroline has multiple infections (Lyme + co-infections, Mycotoxins, HHV6, Candida++ and Strep++ in her gut) and we're very happy with the protocol that her US doctor has set up for her.  For anyone still asking questions and not finding answers I would imagine that Dr. Horowitz might be a good place to start.  I would still recommend Dr. Nathan's book before his though because it's extremely comprehensive.   Jane x

Josiesmum - not sure whether you're asking me but no I haven't read his book but will definitely be getting the new one.  Am currently reading Dr Neil Nathan's book which is easy to follow and understand:

It covers chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, persistent pain and other chronic illnesses including Lyme, toxicity and mold.

Just to add that it looks as though on Monday there'll be talks repeated, no details of which ones though.  Talks are running daily to Sunday, tomorrow's looks particularly interesting.

are you in uk  or usa cinnamon girl..

UK bluepettals.  The starting time is 10.00 am Eastern New York time but haven't a clue on time differences!  Today's e-mail stated that they'd started early!!

It was around 9.30 this morning that I watched yesterday's, if that helps.

just wondered why you misse d  it as I am uk and mine come in early in the morning...

bp - to be honest I'm easily confused just now!!

have you got lyme cinnamon girl-- the emails for the lyme summit come in each day  so if your r egistered they should arrive in the mornings

Tested and diagnosed with chronic Lyme recently.  Yes I am registered but struggle a bit with listening for 45 minutes at a time.

yes I fing that difficult  too an d hav eto keep replaying as I wander off , but  I make myself  listen, who teste dyou cinnamon girl. it is prolific, did youknow it was engineered in ww2 as biowarefare..

I can manage 15-20 minutes then need to break.  Under Dr Jess Armine who's based in the USA but has been coming to the UK for consultations.

Didn't know that about WW2, any more info please?

I see, ok, ww2 the speaker today onlymesummit sai dso and if you google lyme as a biowarfare it willallcomeup

Shall do bp.  Just been listening to Dr Jack Tips, very very interesting although need to listen again.  He talks about the gut and is very keen on herbs.  Recommended.

hi cinnamon, I just listened  to dr raj patel on  mold and lyme,  amzing what he is saying---when I had my first baby I lived in a flat that was covered in mold and my poor sister lived  with me a s  i was dumped by my husband, and she live d in th ecold moldy bedroom, I feel 

terrible  now as she isn't a well person, if I could go back and change all our lives I wouldn t hesitate.. I have taken notes and shall give both my  boys books on important health tips, ican onl ylisten to one ata time therare about 4 or 5

talks and  it is too much so I pic the ones that  ithink are the most beneficial shall listen to gut later. I am knackered now.

bluepettals - good talk from Dr Patel and again am learning so much although unfortunately not always remembering.

How horrible it must have been living amongst mold, does your sister have any thyroid-type issues?

Hope you've had a restful night and are feeling better today.

cinnamon girl she does have lots of tablets to take and is a nervous wreck idon t say too much as ignorance is bliss and she  is borderiline, if only we could go back a few years....

I'm watching every single talk. To be honest from my own research o know most of this stuff already, but it's good to know that I'm on the right track. 

I had a dark field microscopy that showed perhaps Lyme or a coinfection, parasite and oxalate crystals. I'm being treated by a functional medicine doctor and am also doing my own research. I think we have to fix many root causes not just one, like they say in the summit. 

Neeta - wow, am impressed that you've been watching them all.  There isn't any way of downloading them is there (sorry, technophobe here).

Can you please explain dark field microscopy, I've not heard of that.  Are you seeing any improvement in your health.


you can buy the whole batch and I wish I had on the first day but I am verywary of putting card numbers in and I amnot computer literate, I need someone here each  day to order stuff on line for me sadly and it doesn thappen..

I'm trying to save money because I watch loads of summits. There's a women's hormone one starting on the 11th 

Dark field microscopy is where they take a bit of blood, a prick like when you check blood sugar and look at it under a special microscope. They can then see things in your blood and how your cells are moving around or not moving around in my case. You could see a bug which may be Lyme/coinfection attacking my cells and parasites, some inside my cells. It was quite something!

I'm just watching and taking notes, like intense studying.  I don't think you can download them. 

Yes, I'm seeing improvements. I'm a fan of functional medicine, I'm seeing a FM doctor and I'm a fan of Isabella Wentz. I used to be on this forum a lot, but not so much now as I'm taking the FM route. I was focusing way too much on thyroid medication. Yes, that's important but so is adrenals, gut, infections, heavy metals, Mold, toxins etc...

Thanks Neeta, I didn't know that was the proper name for it and I've had it done so we obviously share the same doctor!  Definitely agree with your comment re concentrating solely on thyroid meds, the net really does need widening.

Do hope that you'll pop back here and let us know how you're doing.

Yes we are seeing the same doc :) 

I will PM you

neeta- yes I agree too much focus on thyroid meds, I have come to realise that a straightforward thyroid  prob,a person gets well on thyroid med, adrenals  are harder but even so, when they don't get well  it Is the other things like mold ,lyme toxins, viruses and bacteria that cant be seen and if it cant be seen then its not there- balderdash!

Totally agree blue pettals 

neeta- I am impressed I cant watch each one, ido not have the staying capabilitiy but I am taking notes now, a bit late for dr minkoff talk and horowitz but I started yesterday with dr patel, where did you get your dark field done in usa or  uk?

It's an American doctor who comes to the UK. If you want more info PM me. 

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