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Hi does anyone have a source for tiromel they could pm me please. I've used this since cytomel demise with no issues however my current supplier has had none for four months and is now saying it's discontinued. I have tried uni pharma t3 following sourcing advice from here a couple of months ago but it doesn't agree with me and my symptoms return quickly, so I really need to source some tiromel or a different version to uni pharma. Many thanks.

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  • I was originally on Cynomel, then I bought Tiromel and on it all my hypo symptoms returned, I had to take 150mcg and still felt very hypo. I am on Uni Pharma now and I feel fine again, same as with Cynomel and I managed to get back on the same dose I was with Cynomel. There is only one version of Uni Pharma, what do you think that they produce several T3s under the same name? :)

  • No I meant different versions of t3 other than uni pharma 😁 I didn't word it very well, I know different countries have different versions and some people do better on different versions I don't do well on uni pharma at all but did on tiromel which is the opposite to your experience. If I can't source any tiromel I may have to do as you did and increase the dose of uni pharma to see if that helps but I'm very wary of doing this as I have problems with my adrenal. Thanks for replying. 

  • Your post does a good job of emphasising that geese and ganders might need different sauces.

    We see a lot of comments about various products - some praising to the heights, others damning the same product in no uncertain terms. But what really matters is, as you so rightly say, how it works for you.

    There may well be some products which are genuinely unacceptable and should not be on the market. Whereas with others, some people may need to tweak doses as they change product to achieve similar effects.

  • And which product according to you should not be on the market? Because from what I read you don't even use T3 and being a shopping fool I tried about every single one of them (except Mercury pharma I admit). Some of them were pure junk but those were usually not serious medications but more products only bodybuilders use.

  • I don't know.

    I am deeply suspicious of Genesis and have only for the very first time seen Hubei (from Shenzhen City). But these are products to be questioned rather than me saying they shouldn't be on the market. You rightly say that I do not take T3 so do not have personal experience.

    It would be a huge surprise to me if every single product sold as liothyronine around the world were up to at least acceptable standard.

  • You maybe already have a problem with your adrenals and that's why your T3 can't work properly. I am 8 years on T3 and I  tried many. I was on Tiromel for a brief period years ago and didn't like it same as this person before me said. I also find Uni Pharma to be much better in strength. Why don't you try Pfizer's Cytomel? I know it's expensive but there isn't really much of a choice right now.

  • >> a problem with your adrenals and that's why your T3 can't work properly<<Confirmed in a tv-show by a patient and by an endoprofessor

  • It's good to know that sometimes they say something clever about hypothyroidism on TV :)

  • Soapmania,

    Ellemaereading wants Tiromel because it does suit her and Uni-Pharma doesn't.

    Some of us do very well on Tiromel.

  • I told her to get Pfizer, she didn't say that Pfizer doesn't suit her.

  • Soapmania,

    But she asked for Tiromel!

  • I told her that because I can't help her any other way. I just tried to be helpful, I can't see what I did wrong, there is less and less of T3 sources, so if she wants to get T3 she has to consider all options.

  • Soapmania,

    Happily Tiromel is not in short supply and Ellemaereading has the source she requested.

  • I am sorry but why do you speak for her? And why am I so important to be informed of that. I was not the only person that made a comment on this post.

  • I heard that there is a shortage from most suppliers.

  • There is a shortage of Tiromel from many suppliers. It seems to run out in August. I have sent the manufacturer of Tiromel an email to see if there's a problem with production. I take Tiromel and it suits me fine. 

  • Yes, this is the same thing I heard.

  • My supplier in Turkey I've been using for 2 years said it's almost impossible to get. I managed to order 300 tabs because the date expires in August. Then I heard the same from people on this site about the expiry date being August too. I wrote yesterday to the manufacturer, no news yet, but I haven't checked what time it is in Turkey yet!

  • Turkey has 2 hours more I think so it's half past 1 there.

  • hi I was getting from a reputable on line pharmacy for a really good price for the past year but suddenly four month ago it was out of stock but they kept saying try again in four weeks I emailed them twice and eventually they told me they had discontinued the product. I did worry it was cynomel all over again but I have sourced some more thanks to the very kind people on this site thank goodness. X

  • Hi elle, do you know the expiry dates for the tiromel you're ordering? It seems too much of a coincidence that everyone has an August expiry date. I had an email saying they couldn't get any more from where I was buying it from. It's a shame because I am so settled on tiromel.

    I hope it works out for you! We could do without all this stress re supplies!  

  • Hi helcaster not until it comes I hope the expiry isn't august I ordered ten boxes to keep me going, it should be here within ten days I will let you know when it arrives. I agree having to source our own medication is hugely stressful especially when sources dry up I was on cynomel for years loved it and was so stressed when I couldn't get anymore but tiromel has been ok for me and cheap so the thought of this drying up as well panicked me.

  • Fingers crossed it has a good expiry date elle. I've had an auto reply from the manufacturer of Tiromel, my enquiry has been sent to the appropriate department, which is quite a surprise!

  • Hi helcaster I have received the tiromel the expiry date is august 2017. Did you hear from the manufacturer? 


  • Hi Elle, I put a post up a few days ago as soon as I had had some feedback. Tiromel is produced only once a year in March, and has a shelf life of only 18 months. I'm guessing new supplies just hadn't come through yet. I was assured there's nothing wrong with production.

    I panicked and ordered Uni Pharma!

    Well done getting supplies with a good expirey date :-)

  • Thanks for replying could you pm me were to order this please and I will try it.

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