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Help. I'm stuck!


New to this and my first post so please bear with me

Had bariatric surgery 7 years ago and maintained healthy weight for years.  Was diagnosed as hypoglycaemic after collapsing, low calcium, low vit d, low b12 etc.

On adcal d3, b12 injections, iron tabs, and others.  

Had my thyroid removed 2013 and everything changed

Hypothyroidism, hypoglycaemic.  1.5 levothyroxine, 2.5 alfacalsadol, 6000mg adcal d3, b12 injections, iron tabs, amatriptaline, co coda mol, and recently weaning off setraline. Plus other supplements

I graze but still my sugars aren't stable  was under endocrinologist but he told me I wouldn't win and discharged me back to docs.

I have put 2 stone on and cannot lose it - I go yo gym and eat no more than 1200 calls a day., 

Don't know what else I can do as I can't lose this extra weight.  I haven't felt this uncomfortable for years.  Just recovering from foot surgery and getting into swing of gym again ( still shouldn't find it this hard to lose weight)

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Hi Deborah, Welcome to the forum.

Telling us you take 1.5 levothyroxine is not helpful. It could be 1.5 x 25mcg or 1.5 x 50mcg or ... The same comment applies to your dose of alfacalcidol.

Do you have copies of any recent blood tests with reference ranges? It would be helpful if you could post them for us.

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Welcome to the forum, Deborah1234.

If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges (the figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

weight gain is common when you are undermedicated.


If you are not optimally medicated for your thyroid, going to the gym and eating low calorie will probably make you put more weight on, rather than lose it.

Do you have some blood test results to share with us? And exactly how much Levo are you taking?


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