I can't believe it, on T3 my hair is finally growing! I won't be bald anymore!

I am still in shock, but this time it's a good one. My prayers have finally been answered. I was writing before about my baldness on levothyroxine and how I had thoughts about ending my life because of that. I am now self-medicating with T3 for over a month. I usually avoid looking at myself in mirrors, especially back of my head where most of my bald parts are but this morning I used two mirrors to see did my budgie drop something on my head (you know what) while flying over me, since I felt like this was it. But instead of his dropping I noticed new hair appearing on my bald parts! I could not believe it, you should have seen me, mature woman jumping up and down from pure happiness. Deciding to finally go on T3 on my own was the best thing I ever did, thank you all who helped me with this! Doctors can go to h... I am finally and after so many desperate years completely happy!

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  • What a lovely post Cinnamonbun. I am doing the happy dance for you <insert big grin smiley here but I can't>.

    I can't imagine how desperate you must have become, I have been very lucky, have a good thick head of hair and never lost more than enough to block the plughole.

    Good luck with your new meds, I hope it continues well for you.

  • That is just fantastic news cinnamonbun. I'm sure you are delighted.



  • Is it T4/T3-combination or T3-only? The latter is the "secret weapon, last resort" of top endos, not even written down as stage "4" in here:   


  • Only T3 eljii. I completely stopped with levothyroxine.

  • Hi I am in the process of thinking about coming off Levothyroxine as I feel it hasn't addressed a lot of my symptoms and its 18 years now so enough is enough !! Please tell me the dose of levo you were on prior to stopping and also how much T3 you take every day now as I'm scared to self medicate but so desperate to find a solution 

  • I was on 250 mcg of Levothyroxine when I stopped with it and started with T3. During years I was on higher and lower doses of it but with no difference. Now I take 62.5 mcg of T3 and I completely stopped with Levothyroxine. It was a big step but I think nothing is too big when life and health are in question.

  • Brilliant news where did you get T3 from

  • Thanks Whiterose, I just sent you link.

  • So pleased for you Cinnamonbun.  My hair has always been alright, but have noticed it growing back on  my legs since I started adding T3.  Didn't really want it there, but will trade this off for better sleep as well.

  • Great news cinnamonbun! As somebody who lived through baldness I know how happy you must be. You will see, soon you will have your full hair again, maybe even better than it was before and it will be like nothing bad ever happened.

  • Cinnamonbun_,

    Very pleased for you.  Perhaps the Budgie fertiliser helped too ;)

  • Yayyy I feel so good when I read happy news

  • Well done and you're spreading your happiness around as we like to hear good news when someone has success in getting rid of a clinical symptom, especially hair loss.

  • How fantastic. I hope this is a corner turned for you, Cinnamonbun :D

  • Well done! I wonder if you could share which T3 you've been taking as this is one of my symptoms too?

  • Will send you info on PM judithclaire.

  • Very happy for you, thanks for telling us all, have just started T3 myself, and my budgie likes to abuse our friendship similarly🐦😱

  • Thank you all for this! It really means a lot to me! I'll be looking at the back of my head everyday from now on :) You know like watching grass grow :) Hair is finally here now and I won't be bald anymore! Still full of joy!

    P.S Will pass regards to my budgie for his achievement :)

  • Just wanted to say how happy I am for you. I had bald patches once, know how hard it is. Now I even have less gray hair. I think your hair will grow superfast now that it started.

  • I'm thrilled for you but maybe your budgie is doing his bit with fertilizer too! Oops sorry clutter you already said that

  • That's wonderful. So glad for you. I started losing my hair in 2006 by 2008 when I was hospitalized in myxedema coma I hardly had any of it. It started to grow back after my first month on T3. And it was growing much faster than ever before. Very soon I had long hair again. And it was thicker than before.

  • Thank you guys!

  • Congrats cinnamonbun! Excuse me for using this moment for myself but what brand of T3 do you use? Thanks.

  • Thanks Bruster. I take Uni Pharma.

  • Good, than you don't have to worry about supplies.

  • Yes, I know Bruster, they told me they never have problems with T3 supplies and people who are ordering from them longer confirmed that.

  • Cheers for hair and budgies!

  • Really, if it wasn't for him I would still think that I am bald :)

  • I told you it will grow, didn't I? :) xx

  • Yes you did silica! I remember your story about how you suffered with your baldness. It was heartbreaking but in the same time it gave me hope because at the end you got your hair back. You explained how you felt so vividly, those were exactly my feelings too. I am just not that good with words. Thanks for your support my friend x

  • That's wonderful! I have 2 budgies by the way, know of what "discoveries" they are capable of :)

  • Yes:) Mine is getting special treats after this!

  • Great news cinnamonbun. Does your new hair grows faster than usual?

  • Rowan, actually you are right, I am looking at my new hair everyday (in fact several times each day :)) and I can really say that it's growing really fast. I mean for 10 days, since I first noticed it, this is really fast.

  • Hi cinnamonbun. So happy for you! I wasn't bald but my hair became very thin during my years on Levo. I am taking T3 for a month and I noticed that I have new baby hair around my forehead and that my hair generally looks better. Also my eyebrows are finally appearing. Great, isn't it!

  • Yes, isn't this wonderful how one tiny medication like T3 can change your life (and looks).

  • This sounds so good. My hair is very thin, fine and sparse and has always been curly which makes the sparse bits show up more. I've thought many times about trying to change to T3 but as other people have said I'm a bit scared to take that leap. How did you feel when you first started it, did it cause palpitations at all? I've been taking Levo for about 8 years now, up and down the doses. Currently increased from 75mcg to 100mcg but can't say I feel any different. I have a blood test kit from Blue Horizon here which I'm going to do and send off next week to get a proper idea of whats going on as the GP will only ever do TSH and my most recent test 4 weeks ago amazingly they did also do T4.

  • Hi Georgina. I was on levo for 6 years. I was feeling awful on it and some people here told me that not only hypothyroidism but levo itself could be the cause of my baldness. Taking T3 is not scary at all, I didn't feel any palpitations or any sort of discomfort, quite contrary - very soon it was like somebody wiped the dust from my brain, I felt energy and warmness through my body and very soon I was able to do many things I was incapable of doing in years since I was always so tired and in pain while on levo. But when I stared self medicating with T3 I was doing it slowly, so I guess people who feel some problems while starting T3 are probably taking too much too soon. It has to be done slowly, it's the best way to feel how much of it you really need.

  • So (sorry for more questions lol) where did you get your T3 from and does your GP know you're taking it? I've seen some pharmacies mentioned on the STTM site, did you need a prescription?

    I have a friend who has an apartment in Turkey and she goes there frequently and I understand T3 is available there quite freely. I have wondered about asking her to get me some!

  • I think that you mixed STTM with tpauk.com because they are the ones who have list of T3 suppliers. STTM is only for NDT, they don't bother much with those who use T3. I completely stopped with Levothyroxine and I take only T3 now, so I never went to my GP since then. I'll send you link where I am getting my T3 on PM.

  • wow.....i am thrilled to hear your story....thats what i want...i also take t4 only for about 5 years and can remember i started shedding lightly when i did but then a year ago it got severe...

    .and my blood test are all normal but my free t3 is always low normal even when my tsh is 1 .

    I tried ndt nature throid about 6 mths ago and had a hard time with it and splitting dosage and feeling heart paps.....and that has only a little t3 in it....but it was not all natural since it is nature throid..

    ..thought about taking thyro gold available online from new zealand cows.....i am amazed you went straight to t3 so easily at that higher dosage .


    hence just wondering since it has been 3 months......how is your hair now.......and how often did you split your dosage through the day

    and how much did you take...i only take 100mcg synthroid.....but i am thrilled about your success!!!!! i can imagine that elation.........hair is so important.....

  • Thank you. I take 75 mcg of T3 now split in 4 doses. NDT just wasn't for me, I heard that T4 medications can be the cause of hair loss (not only hypothyroidism) so I didn't want any more of it, natural or not natural T4 is still T4. And NDT is not a human hormone so it's not exactly natural to humans. At least in my case I made a good choice. My hair is still growing much faster than ever in my life. When my hair started to grow and was long enough I cut the rest I had left into a short haircut. Now my haircut it's not even short anymore! And my hair is so much thicker and stronger. It's like nothing bad ever happened. It's so great having hair again, I really can't explain the feeling but being without it hurt even more than illness itself.

  • wow you are blessed...i did notice when i was ndt that hair on my legs started growing again and that surprised me and i hadnt had to shave in ages before that on t4 only.....that is so promising that your hair has filled in and thick again......oh my......that is a miracle........that is amazing.....and if it has continued...it truly is amazing and permaneant....AWESOME!!!!!

  • If the reason of losing hair or baldness is hypothyroidism that is not properly treated I suppose anyone can have their hair back once on proper treatment. Doctors don't understand that levothyroxine is not a proper treatment for all of us, not to mention how many people are left undiagnosed because their results are not showing the right picture they want to see. I think you will have your hair back once you find the right medication and the right dose. I am certain you will! My very best wishes :)

  • that is so true...my dr ignore my low normal free t3 as long as i have it in normal range and have a very low tsh.......and so i wonder...about this now after reading your story....THANKS FOR SHARING..

  • Hope you'll have thick and beautiful hair soon x

  • hi cinnamonbum can you tell me what results you had and how much t3 you started on. im glad to hear your hair is growing back. im just as desperate to have my hair grow back and im willing to try anything at any cost.

  • 62.5 mcg of T3 instead of 250 of Levo I was on, with which I completely stopped. Now I am on 75 mcg of T3.

  • what brand of t3 and how is your hair doing is it still growing back and has it thickened? im really desperate to grow my hair back its my confidence and my life! people treat you differently when u got hair

  • I take Uni Pharma T3. Yes, my hair is still growing and really fast, it's not even short anymore and it's thick and strong. And looks really healthy!

  • dn560 Be careful of copying the dosing that other people use. If you were to jump into taking 62.5mcg T3 having never taken it before there is a possibility that your heart could go bonkers.

  • how much is a starting dose cuz i already have anxiety

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