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Ms Cindy Jones21


I have been diagnosed with subclinical hyperthyroidism and have non cancerous nodules on my goitre. I have a lot of horrible signs and symptoms and have been advised to have radio active iodine treatment. I just wondered what other people's experience is on the subject and would greatly appreciate any support and information in this terrible condition.Many thanks.  Cindy

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Hi I am new to this and just have been told my free T4 is slightly high at 24.5 with TSH of 1.5 so needs rechecked as it might be due to a flu I had a month ago. It is taking me a long time getting over it.

I feel exhausted, a bit irritated, eyes are irritated and dry, skin itchy and I've had palpitations a few times. No weight loss unfortunately.

What were your symptoms and results?

Others here will have more experience than me. 

Hope you feel better soon. 


Dear Secondchance

Thanks for your reply. I had a lot of signs and symptoms pls see below.

Severe headache. Throbbing pain in my right eye. Loss of appetite. Night sweats for several months.

Severe anxiety such as I hhad never experienced before. Joint and muscle pain. Peripheral neuropathy. Back pain. Demotivation. Disconnection with the world. Insomnia.

I was eventually diagnosed witth a nodular goitre and subclinical hyperthyroidism. My tsh waS LOW being 0.17 T4 16.5. TPOA were less than 33. 

I paid for private blood tests.

The anas were positive as was the ebv.

I have been recommended to have RAI but wanted to find out more about it first.

Thanks once again.


Hi Cindy21

Those symptoms sound really severe and more like definite clinical hyper rather than sub clinical!!

The blood results with a normal T4 might be sub clinical. 

Sorry but I don't know anything about RAI so hopefully someone with experience will be along soon. 

Hope things improve for you soon


you might want to research Dr Sebi   


Dr Sebi was the doctor who was taken to court by the FDA because he placed adverts saying he could cure aids cancer diabetes and many other diseases.

 the judge asked him to provide proof of his claims and he did the judge took the FDA to task because they did not investigate his claims.

basically sebi proved that western medicine was a complete con and virtually all disease can be cured by using foods that did not make mucus in the body so grains and dairy produce mucus therefore increasing disease.

this is for your education and not medical advice

you also want to remove as much fluoride and chlorine going into you so no toothpaste (use pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate or sea salt with the ingredients listed on the packet),

 tap or spring water use distilled water

no Teflon pans clay pots are best for cooking

remove all air fresheners from your house use borax to do your laundry learn about making lemon and lime peel washing up liquid

basically you need to remove as many poison creating products from your home as they all deteriorate your health even more so when your immune system is screwed

boron or boric acid removes fluoride increases testosterone aids artery regeneration, fluoride smashes the thyroid and kills pancreatic and peroxide enzymes which is why most thyroid sufferers have bad stomach problems.

get some plants to filter the air in your home like aloe vera, cactus and mothers tongue these all produce oxygen

another great aid is a cool mist humidifier add some food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide or buy some 35% H Peroxide and dilute that down to 3% then when you go to sleep turn it on and you are sleeping in a hyper baric oxygen chamber.

buy a nebuliser add some iodine into it and breathe that in only buy the 7% iodine on this is the perfect one for your body

make sure you wait 4 or 5 hours after the iodine then do the nebuliser with some 35% H Peroxide always use distilled water with the iodine and HP  

if you are taking any vitamins be aware that most of them are useless they are synthetic you cannot fool the body with manmade rubbish this is why the diet that Sebi shows you contains all the essential needs of the body he has proven to cure thyroid cancer   

do your research on all these so that you understand what you are doing  

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I would have thought that the doctor would start you on a low dose of Carbimazole first (5-10mg a day) to see whether that helps your symptoms. He/she should also refer you to an endocrinologist urgently. Your doctor should not be leaving you to suffer these symptoms. I can't help thinking that if you were male you would be getting much better treatment. Radioactive Iodine treatment will almost certainly make you hypothyroid for the rest of your life, so is not to be taken lightly. Your doctor should be treating you with medication first - some people find they can put their hyperthyroidism into remission for months or years, sometimes permanently, and if yours is on the mild end of the spectrum (although I find myself wondering whether your results have been confused with someone else's) then going for RAI straight away is really OTT in my opinion.


do you have any other problems?

sugar is one thing that can make your heart beat irregular and inflammation is the main cause of heart disease read this testimony from a heart surgeon who has finally stood up and told people the truth

The most studied herb on this planet is called milk thistle from this herb we get silymarin, silymarin (tincture is the best) regenerates the liver removes inflammation and provides nourishment for the heart via 5 peptides.

the problem with silymarin is getting the body to uptake it for this you need slippery elm bark so 1 teaspoon of slippery elm in some boiled distilled water wait for it to cool down a little then add in 5 drops of milk thistle wait till it reaches body temperature then drink it 3-5 times a day at least a half hour before food  

cayenne pepper is food for the heart start with an eighth of a teaspoon in some distilled water 3 x a day then build up to one teaspoon 3 x a day this also clears waste that has built up in your heart.

if you can get sunflower or egg lecithin and a pure safflower oil and take one teaspoon of each a day this will clean your liver and arteries out this takes pressure off of your kidneys in filtering toxins out of your body and hence releases pressure off of your heart do not take soy lecithin as it is has a different chemical structure soy is completely worthless as a food source and has about 12 phenols which are really bad for your body as well as phytate which binds iron calcium zinc and a couple of other essential minerals also soy is genetically modified which alters your DNA as all GM foods, do tomatoes and milk also are really high in phenols and should not really be consumed by any of us.

 also research Calgam there is one company on the net that sells it for about 4 dollars a bottle of 50mg tablets of calgam, B15 was researched by the Russians for 20 years and they came up with this calgam which is a salt of calcium mixed in with B15 (which is a chemical residue of Lecithin production in the liver)

you need Vitamin A and E to make the Calgam work the most effective as well as B6 to neutralise the reaction of homocysteine after the B15 has done its job.

 natural Vitamin A is found in really high quantities in dandelion and turnip leaves although do a skin test if you are going to use the dandelion first as some people can have a reaction to it in fact do a skin test on all the products you are first putting into your body and make sure you leave 2 hours space away from the medications the doctor gives you, never suddenly stop a medication unless your body is allergic to it as 10-15% of people in hospital are all there due to them suddenly stopping there meds. 

again boron creates extra testosterone and helps in the parasympathetic pathway both are essential for the heart and thyroid your doctor should be able to prescribe you boron tablets.

rosemary and hawthorn are both great anti inflammatories  

beetroot is a very good anti inflammatory as well as replenishing your stomach acids

when you cook your food only heat it to body temperature or just above, heat destroys the enzymes in the food that carry the nutrients in the food through the stomach  

if you ever get up and feel dizzy this a lack of Nitric Oxide the best way to increase this is to breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds then hold your breathe for 4-5 seconds then breathe out do this for 30-60 seconds and this will stabilise you and you will not feel dizzy this greatly aids in heart problems.



just a couple more no tea or coffee caffeine is really bad for the heart and has been proven in some studies to take about 10 years of the lifespan of people they are also quite high in oestrogen.

turmeric is really good for inflammation and black pepper transports substances further into the body 

 try and get some bears garlic this is the most medicinally active of all the garlics  



If you are going to say "proven in some studies", please provide working links.


I think one of the studies was in adele davis's book lets get well, it was something like 2000 people were followed for X amount of years but it really is just common sense that coffee would shorten your life due to constant ingestion 

and here is another study

and one study that Is quite interesting on caffeine and its toxicity

and an analysis of caffeine in different drinks

caffeine is the equivalent to cocaine and amphetamine 

 average consumption in the UK would be 2 cups one in the morning and one at lunch lets say, caffeines effects on the body last around 4 or 5 hours (hence a 20% rise in production of work) there's a lot more coffee drunk in the south compared to the north and officially the average cups drunk overall is 1.7 cups a day per person.

here are some coffee facts

actually its quite interesting once you start researching coffee especially for the thyroid as caffeine blocks adenosine which forces the adrenal glands to start producing adrenaline which is even more detrimental than just the increased pressure on the heart

and adrenaline production would mean the adrenals would use up tyrosine obviously a main factor in proper thyroid function, also noradrenaline is a cofactor with adrenaline and this causes the thyroid gland to swell this study intravenously injected both noradrenaline and adrenaline and found the nor increased the thyroid gland for up to 24 hours  hours

so using our common sense we can see that constantly raising the pressure on our heart for 10 hours a day is obviously going to be detrimental long term

and 63% of people add in sugar while not a poison in the chemical definition refined sugar strips minerals out of our bodies as well as fructose creating aldehyde in our liver 


Vitamin A should stop your thyroid from going hyper. Take codliver oil twice daily. All the best 


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some cod liver oils are not what you think here is an interview with someone who worked in the industry

 also when you buy cod liver oil it if it is not kept in the fridge then it will more than likely be rancid

I'm sure purslane is the best source of omega 3s and you also get the other nutrients that benefit the uptake of it in our bodies as against the deleterious effects in cod liver oil


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