Blood test results

Hi can anyone tell me if these blood result are ok serum free T4 level= 18.8 . Serum tsh =0.2.  Serum ferritin 84.1. Serum folate = 3.2. Serum vitamin b12 =351. Erythrocytes sedimentation =25mm. Serum magnesium =0.99. Serum urea level =10.8 serum potassium 4.4 serum sodium 141 . Haematocrit level=0.35 haemoglobin estimation =113.                   Thanks 

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  • As different labs can have different ranges, it's difficult to comment.

    Can you please provide the reference ranges (usually in brackets after the result) so that members can comment.

  • Thanks I've taken a photo of them and reposted as I couldn't add a photo to the old message 

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