Going on holiday with NDT

I haven't been abroad since I started taking NDT (loving it btw), but it occurred to me that if I was to go abroad, how would that work? What is the likeliness of it getting confiscated? I take Thyroid S.

I thought I'd pack it in all it's original packaging, and just take the amount I need. I would also pack my old boxes of Levo just in case it was confiscated, and then I would at least have something for my thyroid, even though it's not preferable.

Anyone been on holiday and taken it? What happened?

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  • Like to know the answer to this too as we go away in August to Crete and I just started NDT today and also take some other vitamins and supplements. I have said that I will just put exactly what I need in the original bottle. If the worst comes to the worst buy some T3 over there as it's just over the counter.

  • It is not an offence to carry medications for your own personal use.

    I don't see any problem because it is a replacement hormone for the thyroid gland.

    Have a nice holiday and as you're feeling better you will enjoy it even more.

    Always carry it in your hand luggage. No one has ever queried what I have.

  • Thank you. 

  • I've been abroad loads of times with all my drugs and an insulin pen..... Keep it in your hand luggage and just declare it on check in it has never been an issue. I only declared it cause they ask "are you carrying anything sharp" but I never have packaging just my pill boxes with each day's dose in them.

  • Yes, I've been all over the world with my Thyroid-S. I don't carry it in its original packaging, because that stays in the freezer. It has never been looked at. Keep it in your hand luggage, because suitcases go missing!

  • Be very careful in Middle East.Drugs may be suspected.

  • Yes, of course!

  • Don't worry. I  travel a lot and take 21 vitamins and supplements and my NDT

    I put it in those plastic 7 day dispensers and when they ask I say it's medication for personal use. Never had a problem. Even if you took a bottle. It's one bottle, they won't be troubled by that.

  • In this case, you are unlikely to have any problems.

    But I recommend checking out everything you are carrying with you and the countries you are going through and visiting. Laws vary. Witness the illegal status of desiccated thyroid in France - but I doubt that would affect an individual. Worse is something like DHEA which technically a Controlled Drug in the UK and simple possession is an offence.

    You can check the requirements for many countries through their embassy website or similar.

  • Being illegal in France just means you can't sell it or buy it on French territory. And doctors can't prescribe it. HGH is also illegal in France, and on a couple of occassions, I was stopped by flying customs on my way back from Belgium where I bought it, and they were fine with it because it was for my personal use.  

  • Sorry if it confused - I just meant to point out that legal statuses can vary, sometimes in surprising ways.

    I suspect that in most cases, a European citizen is unlikely to have a problem with a standard medicine in a European country if it is genuinely for personal use and in appropriately small quantities - almost regardless.

  • No, no confusion. :) Just pointing out that, in France, they're not going to throw you in jail because they find NDT in your bag, even if it is illegal.

  • I travel several times a year and I have never had any problem taking my medications, including NDT. If you are concerned maybe it is a good idea to keep a copy of your prescription with your medications. Since your prescription will show you need thyroid hormones it should cover NDT.

  • It's not on my prescription, that's the problem. And neither is Levothyroxine

  • I really don't think you will have a problem. I take mine in a small bag and I don't think I have ever been asked about the contents. I probably take 8 to 10 flights a year. 

  • Thank you all :)

  • My sister regularly goes on holiday with no problems.  As she is hypo too it means she takes her NDT. 

  • I went to Egypt with my T4/T3 combo. All they were interested in was the soles of my boots! I boarded the plane in bare feet...

  • lol!

  • Like Redditch I put it in plastic 7 day dispensers along with all vitamins and have never had any problems. If you are going to a really hot climate for a long period you may need to reduce your NDT dose slightly, or like me you just suddenly feel 100% well :)

  • Do you know, it never even occurred to me that taking NDT to another country might be a problem! I never go anywhere but Ireland though, so I guess there wouldn't be any problem there. I've never declared it - I just put it in my hand luggage with all my supplements and other meds. No doubt they've seen tubs of pills when they've scanned the bag at the airport but they've never said anything. I might feel a bit nervous about it next time! :-D

  • I just wanted to add what happened when I went on holiday in the end :)

    Basically, it was all fine. I put my dosage for those few days in a pill organises in my hand luggage and it wasn't questioned at all. I also put another exact amount for the few days in my hold in the original packaging. Again, no issues.

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