Reliable source for T3

Hi all,

Please could anyone inbox me with reliable sources of T3.  

Long story but I have seen a private consultant who after reading all my medical notes and just by looking at me has explained exactly why I am so poorly. A) I am allergic to t4 and B) also not converting well. 

A letter from him to my gp is in the post and I have just seen my gp by chance and she says she will not prescribe T3.  My health can't wait for my battle with her to commence when she receives his letter so I am seeking my own source in the meantime as it will be cheaper than getting a private prescription from my private consultant.

Many thanks in advance


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  • Sent you PM

  • PM'd you.

  • Pm'd you, too. Hope you get better soon.

  • Could someone PM me the source too? Many thanks

  • Sent you PM

  • Cheers, rowan-1

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