Where Can I Buy Cytomel T3 Medication online?

After my doctor has stopped prescribing it I need to buy from a new source. As I am in the UK I have been advised to get it from the US or Mexico. Could anyone message me with a reliable pharmaceutical online company - I do not wish to purchase it from one of these body building companies flooding the internet with adverts as I am not sure how reliable they are?

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  • Lea321, Cynomel from Mexico is no longer available.

  • Ok thank you :/

  • I was also on Cynomel before but, as already said here, it is no longer available. Sent you PM of the online pharmacy where I am getting my T3 now. They are very reliable and not for bodybuilders.

  • Would you send me the information as well, please Rowan?


  • PM sent.

  • Rowan, would you please be so kind as to PM me as to where you are getting your T3. Thank you so much!

  • Sent you PM

  • Would you send me the information also please rowan?

  • No problem. Just sent it.

  • Please could you send me the details Rowan?


  • Sent you PM.

  • Hi if you could PM me too. Thank you so much!

  • Sent it.

  • Please pm me too ....

  • Sent you PM.

  • Hi rowan, would you mind sending me information for the online pharmacy where you have successfully ordered t3 medication please? I am nervous about ordering from just any online pharmacy, however legitimate they may appear to be... Thank you SO much! ajaj

  • Hi Rowan sorry to ask also but can you send me the link too please!


  • Could you also please mail me the website, getting desperate here and the docs don't want to know. Been 100mg Levothyroxine for over 2 years and they just keep saying my levels are normal and won't listen 😣

  • Sent.

  • Hi could you tell me if you have had any success with the above t3? I am having trouble ordering it thanks

  • There is no problem, it's easy.

  • Would you mind letting me know as well please? Really grateful. Kate. X

  • PM sent.

  • Hello. Sorry. Please could you send me a message too? Thank you.

  • Sent

  • Rowan - (predictably!) - would appreciate if you could send me the pharmacy details. Thanks :)

  • Sent you PM.

  • Hi Rowan - I am in the same boat as many people on this thread, I have diagnosed hypothyroid and T4 is not helping at all. My doctor is not open trying anything different. Would you mind sending me the pharmacy information where you can safely get T3? There are so many dangerous sites online these days! I really appreciate it!

  • PM sent.

  • Would you please send me the link for the pharmacy? Thanks!

  • Sent.

  • Hi Rowan,

    Would you be so kind and PM me the link as well?

    Thanks so much!!

  • Sent.

  • Could you send me the website as well? Thanks so much!

  • Sent you PM.

  • Hi Rowan, could you also send me the link, thank you x

  • Sent

  • Can you send me the info also Rowan?

  • Sent.

  • Sorry Rowan, please could you send me details of your source of t3 - what is cost and delivery times please?


  • Sent you PM.

  • Hi would you be so kind as to email me the pharmacy where you obtain t3

    Many thanks

  • Sent.

  • Thank you but it hasn't come through. So sorry to trouble you x

  • Sorry I have it now, please ignore message before. Thank you for your help, really appreciate it x

  • Could you please send me the link?

  • Hi Rowan-1

    Hope you dont mind me getting in touch. I saw this post of yours from 7 months ago and was wandering if u cud pm the pharmacy link where u buy your t3 from .


  • Sent you PM.

  • Thank you?

  • Could you please PM me with the source also?  Mexico does offer the Spanish cynomel brand Triyotex but it is in capsule form 75 mcg.  I prefer tablets.  Thank you for your help.

  • Just for your information Triyotex is not Spanish it's Mexican but of a much lower quality than Cynomel was.

  • I would also be grateful for the info on where to get T3 safely. Have been on T4 for 10 months, improved a bit at first but now symptoms rapidly returning and back to were I started. GP says I need antidepressants!

  • Sent you PM

  • Grateful if you could let me know where to buy this

  • PM sent.

  • Hello Rowan-1, can you PM me too with your source? Thanks!

  • PM sent.

  • Can you PM me the info on where to buy Cytomel too please :D

  • Sent.

  • Hiya rowan-1 your prob fed up of being asked but could I please have the link also. Thanks in advance. Victoria

  • Hi Rowan, can you send info where I can buy the T3 online please, so many places advertised I am a little wary as they seem to be for body builders :( Thank you

  • Avoid websites for bodybuilders, they are both expensive and not safe. Sent you PM.

  • Thanks so much Rowan :)

  • Rowan... Don't suppose you could share with me, please? Hashi 16 years medicated. 5 years feeling terrible, being ignored - 1 year getting private bloods and working my meds myself. Once I'm at a healthy place I'll work again with Drs as I know this is a life log issue and will require a script... Thank you :)

  • Hi Rowan

    Could you send it me please ?

  • Sent.

  • Could you also pm me the details of T3 purchase company. I am beginning to get low and while my endo has recommended T3 also, he has told me I should probably be expected to obtain it myself as my GP is unlikely to. He asked me where I get it from? I did used to get it in Mexico also but I think my last batch was from Turkey. Running low. Many thanks. Does that sound right that the endo has also suggested I get it from where I do presently?

  • Sent you PM.

  • I would love the info too please. Thank you!

  • Sent

  • Hi. My OH has just been told by her GP that they're no longer willing to prescribe her T3. I was looking online for alternatives for her and found this thread. I'd love the info too, if that's ok?

  • Sent.

  • I've been on T3 for 3 years, now my GP 'isnt allowed' to prescribe on the NHS, although is happy to write a private prescription... I can't afford that in the UK, it costs more than I earn in a month for 3weeks worth of meds! Please can you send me the details of where I can safely buy my much needed T3? Thank you in advance!

  • Sent you PM.

  • I used to get cynomel in Mexico and then switched to Triyodotex, but because I was taking a low dosis, I was dividing the capsule, which I think is not ideal, I felt it was not doing much effect. I then found Novotiral (I bought it while in Mexico), which has 100 ug of T4 and 30ug of T3. The complete tablet is too much for me T4 wise but I still think I need the T3, if I half it, I don't get enough T3. My problem is that I was only in 75 T4 and 25 T3, as T4 gives me palpitations (we found out when I was only in T4). My doctor said she would try to get the T3, but I doubt she will, because of the price.

    Rowan would you mind to send me the link to where to get T3? I think the current Novotiral ratio is not working for me, as I am back to feel tired all the time. Thanks!!

  • Sent you PM.

  • Thank you!

  • If possible I would love to have the online T3 address too. Just T4 is not working for me but these days getting a T3 prescription seems harder than winning the lottery.

  • That's a good point about lottery :) Sent you PM.

  • Has anyone else bought from the place Rowan told you about?

  • Rowan could I trouble you for the name?

  • Sent.

  • Hi rowan-1, would it be possible to give me the details for your T3 purchase. Just been diagnosed and proscribed and finding tracking down reliable T3 a bit daunting. Thanks for your help

  • Sent

  • Hi rowan, just signed up here to be able to ask you for that info. Saw a few sites but don't really trust any of them, very tough choice. Thanks in advance!

  • Sent

  • Hi Rowan, can you give me the info on where to get T3 as well please? (This is turning into your day job, huh?) Thanks so much.

  • Yes, it seems so :) Sent.

  • HI Rowan. Could you please share this information with me? I would really appreciate it!

  • Sent.

  • Could I also please get the link to the place everyone else seems to be using? I used to buy from a bodybuilding place but would really rather not any more if there's another option. Thanks! Also can anyone else confirm that they've ordered from here with no problems?

  • Could I get the link too please?

  • Sent.

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